How TheWiSpy Mobile Tracker Tracks Android Phone Remotely

How TheWiSpy Mobile Tracker Tracks Android Phone Remotely

Do you find the need to track your kid’s android phone? Or do you want to keep close tabs on your employee’s android phone? There are many reasons behind a person taking help from a mobile tracker. So without wasting time, we’ll discuss how easily you can track any latest smart device using the TheWiSpy mobile phone tracker.

You need to set up a TWS account for yourself and install the app on your target’s phone. If you’ve failed in finding a spy app that can provide you remote access to someone’s phone, then hold tight because TheWiSpy can offer you that. Through its advanced functionality and remote features, you can fetch all the information from an android phone in no time. If you have an innocent motive, you can get detailed reports of the target’s every move.

Why do we need a mobile tracker to spy on android phones?

Mobile tracking app offers their services to parents and employers in most cases. Parents need monitoring apps to keep an eye on their children’s digital activity to ensure safety. Kids in their teenage years are more in danger of cybercrimes because they’re innocent and can’t differentiate between what’s good for them and what’s wrong.

That’s why parents worry about them and draw extra precautions for better security. For example, an employer needs a mobile tracker to monitor company-owned devices to record the employee’s productivity. It helps them secure business data and, at the same time, increase productivity within the office.

You might have noticed that spy apps have increased their demand in the past decade because of the excessive use of smartphones. Android is a highly used operating system globally, and that’s why every app supports it. TheWiSpy provides highly compatible android software that helps in remote spying. We’ll learn how it can help you do it in this article.

Why is TheWiSpy better than other Mobile Tracker apps?

TheWiSpy has been offering quality spying services to thousands of its users around the globe. Due to its advanced programming, it has left other tracking apps behind. It claims to be the most dedicated android spy app that assures 100% accurate results. Let’s talk about how it has become the number one choice for people in such a short time.

If you have researched remote spying apps, you must’ve come across the fact that they’re costly. That’s because these apps offer high-standard tracking services with minimal risk of getting caught. Here’s another reason why TheWiSpy Mobile Tracker is a priority for people because it offers affordable price plans with the same level of excellence as another mobile tracking app.

Essentials to setup TheWiSpy tracking software:

It’s a fact that if you want to use an application, you must fulfill its requirements to set it up on your phone. Same way TheWiSpy needs some essential things that you should consider.

  • TheWiSpy supports android devices, so you should ensure that your target has an android smartphone.
  • And the compatibility of your phone with the app is essential. So check whether it has an OS of 4.0 at least or is updated to its latest version.
  • Make sure you have perpetuated internet connection for downloading.
  • You need to access the phone to install it because remote installation is not possible.

How to setup TheWiSpy for remote tracking:

Installing TheWiSpy:

We have given a detailed installation guide so you can download it without any problem.

·        Step 1:

Go to the official TheWiSpy website, where you’ll find three price plans. You must choose one of them that is most relevant to your needs. There is a basic plan available for $19.99, the premium plan is for $29.99, and the platinum plan is available for $49.99 for a month. 

·        Step 2:

You will get an email from TheWiSpy that holds web account information and a URL link for downloading the app.

·        Step 3:

It’s time to start downloading; for that, you need to get the mobile device of your child or employee and use the URL link. Within few minutes, you will have TWS on the android phone. TheWiSpy will hide on the target phone and then process in the phone’s background without disturbing the user.

Setup the web account:

·        Step 1:

Now open your phone’s browser to log in to your web account. It’s time that you provide personal information and enter the dashboard. You can fetch every bit of the data from the target phone through this dashboard.

·        Step 2:

The dashboard contains a list of features that you’ve gained through subscription to a specific price plan. For example, if you have a premium plan, you will have access to all remote and advanced features.

·        Step 3:

You have access to the target phone, and now you can spy on everything remotely using the best mobile tracking app.

TheWiSpy remote features:

Remote tracking is impossible without quality features; hence, we are presenting you with the best features that TheWiSpy offers. 

Call log tracking:

It offers an exceptional call log tracking feature, and it can show you call logs on the target phone. You can view the caller’s details such as name, number, duration of calls, etc. The remote function of this feature is that you can see all these details on your screen without touching the phone. And you can block specific contacts if you find someone is harassing your kid.

SMS tracking:

You can read all the SMS delivered on the target phone through this mobile tracker. It can show you new and old messages, and you can get the deleted messages as well. The main advantage of this feature is that you can block a contact that has sent inappropriate or threatening messages to your child.

GPS tracking:

The best part of TheWiSpy is that it provides real-time results. That works better with the GPS tracking feature, where you can get the live location of your child or employee 24/7. It works in a way that it has access to the map on the target device so that the app monitors all the moves of the target. You can get a history of the locations your kid has visited in the past and current locations as well.

Surround recording:

The surround recording feature is highly used in both parental control and employee monitoring. For example, if you’re spying on your child, then you might face a situation where your child is in danger, and you’re unable to reach them to help. Now, apart from the GPS tracking feature where you can find their location, surround recording can help you hear what is going around them.

You can record the live conversation and identify who is with your child in an emergency. In the case of employee monitoring, you can record the meeting without letting your staff know. Sometimes you can’t trust a coworker, and that’s fine because company secrets are more important to an employer. You can record quality audio with it.

Camera spy:

Camera spy is an advanced feature that every rare mobile tracker has today and is very useful. For example, you can take pictures of live events using the camera on the target phone. When TheWiSpy was installed on the phone, the app took permission to use all the applications already installed on the phone.

Now that TWS has control over the camera, you can click pictures any time. These photos are then sent to the dashboard of TWS, where you can see them or download them. So again, it is efficient for parental and employee monitoring.

Web browser history spy:

Internet is a vast place where you can find hundreds of websites; these sites contain information or knowledge, some offer entertainment content, and others have inappropriate things. Now that you’ve given a smartphone to your young children, they have access to everything. It’s your responsibility to ensure that they’re not watching anything unethical or getting addicted to bad games or stuff.

Here is how the web browser history spy feature comes in handy, you can view searched history, saved cookies, and downloaded files. Using the remote feature of the mobile phone tracker, you can block harmful sites so children can’t reach them in the first place. In addition, it will help you filter out healthy content for them.

WhatsApp spy:

TheWiSpy offers a WhatsApp spy feature to enter into the most leading social app and monitor its activity. You can read messages, view call logs, get contact information, and block contacts. It is a versatile feature to ensure that your kid is 100% safe from intruders and harassers contacting them unnecessarily.


The geofencing feature is capable of putting geographical blocking on the target’s phone. Did you get that? If not, then let me explain it to you; it means that if you don’t want your kid to go to certain places, for example, nightclubs, camping in the far land, or even going out of the house after the curfew.

Then you can enable this feature, and whenever your child enters the blocked area or leaves the house, for that matter, you’ll get an alert. This way, you can avoid significant disasters such as emergencies in advance.


You can store keystrokes typed by the user on the android phone using the keylogger feature. For example, you can save passwords, account information, locks, and other keywords so that in feature, you don’t need any permission to enter in another app.

App tracking:

You can remotely track apps on the target phone, such as social media, entertainment, and gaming apps. Unfortunately, young kids use these apps excessively, harming their studies, social life, and mental health. For example, they can get harassed by strangers on social sites and be disturbed because they cannot process negativity at this age.

Children can get addicted to harmful games that can consume their study time, and they’ll end up alone with no real-life friends. TheWiSpy android spy app will let you monitor and put restrictions on the online activity on such an app. So you can avoid problems in advance rather than dealing with more significant issues.

TheWiSpy- Pros

  • TheWiSpy is a user-friendly app.
  • It is blessed with rich-feature that helps in quality monitoring
  • It offers affordable pricing with standard features
  • TheWiSpy gets regular updates from the developers for a better experience
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support

TheWiSpy- Cons

  • You can’t have remote features in the standard package
  • It doesn’t offer a trial plan


Even with its drawbacks, TheWiSpy is one of the best spy apps for android that can help you spy remotely. It is a reliable app that guarantees privacy and accurate results. Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited advanced features at reasonable pricing.

You won’t get caught by your children while spying on them because no matter how smart they are, TheWiSpy has an exceptional secrete mode that works only in the phone’s background. In addition, it offers dynamic choices to spy app users that makes it the number one choice.

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