Tips for Hiring an IT Team

Tips for Hiring an IT Team

Tech is more important to businesses than ever, and even SMEs and startups need to be using their technologies in the right way and at maximum productivity. The problem for many entrepreneurs is that they aren’t up to date on the latest tech, making hiring members of an IT team incredibly challenging.

When hiring employees is such a time-consuming and difficult process already, having to cope with technical jargon, and recognizing when someone is exaggerating their skills, is vital. The solution is to think a little more creatively and to know more about the role that you’re hiring for. Here’s how to make sure that hiring the right members of your IT team is easier than ever.

Tips for Hiring an IT Team

Have a Defined Vacancy

Your first step is to know more about what you need your team member to be able to do. IT teams can include a wide range of skills, so you need to narrow down what skills are needed for your business goals. There’s little point in hiring a software developer when looking for a trained cybersecurity specialist or front line IT support staff. If you’re not sure what kind of skills to look out for or you’re not even sure what your IT needs are, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Head to social media, specialist platforms, or specific subreddits and ask questions. The more that you can define your vacancy, the easier it will be to find the IT team members that will benefit your business. As businesses grow increasingly reliant on established and new technologies, a mistake in your IT hire could lead to workflow interruptions or much more serious issues.

Learn About the Key Skills

If you have a team member who has identified the need for a new IT hire, make sure to discuss what they need. The more that you can get your existing team involved in the hiring process, the more likely it is that you will find the perfect fit for your workplace.

Once you have that awareness, take the time to learn a little more about what to be looking for on resumes. Coding languages vary in value, as will the different levels of training for cloud computing. In particular, the cloud is worth keeping an eye out for in terms of almost every IT role.

Software, apps, and platforms that aren’t cloud-based are already having less value, and the cloud is the future of the IT department. Keep an eye out for formal cloud training like Azure Fundamentals Certification on resumes. Whether you’re looking for a cybersecurity expert, an AR developer, or an IT support member, cloud training is one of the most high-value skills to watch out for.

It can be very challenging to hire specialist team members, and the IT team is one of the most difficult due to its variation and complexity. Take the time to know more about what you need, have some idea of what to look out for, and don’t be afraid to ask questions before you start writing out your employee brief. The more time that you can spend learning about the IT needs of your brand, the more likely you will find the team member that will help your business grow.

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