Four-Week Walking Program for Total Body Strength

Four-Week Walking Program for Total Body Strength

Whenever you are working out to increase your body strength, there are some key points to consider. For example, your diet plan is a big part of your whole workout routine. You should consume foods that have high contents of proteins. They should contain fewer calories than those you burn for your body to remain lean. The exercise you do also determines the rate at which you gain body strength. With a proper diet and adequate rest, light training such as taking a short walk can go a long way. Here is a four-week walking program for total body strength.

Four-Week Walking Program for Total Body Strength

Week One

Start with exercises that help you stretch your body on day one. Stretches are essential because they open up the muscles. It allows easy flow of blood, which transports all the nutrients into the muscles. During the rest of the week, take fifteen-minute walks with a regular pace. Remember to keep stretching all of your muscles.

Week Two

Your body is already starting to get used to the walk. This means that you are gaining total body strength. On week two, walk briskly for fifteen minutes each day while swinging your body so that you train every muscle. Keep stretching your muscles so that they can recover quickly.

Week Three

During this period, now is the time where you push yourself the most. Your body is getting stronger, and if you relax it, you may end up going back to where you were. This week, carry three kg weights on both hands as you walk. Walk briskly and push yourself to the limit. Instead of fifteen minutes a day, you will walk for twenty minutes.

You might feel like it is too hard, but if you stick to it, your body will get used to it, making you stronger. It will help if you get the facts about supplementing your training before using products like HCG. For this week, you need to stretch more and have enough rest. Your resting period should not be less than eight hours of sleep at night.

Week Four

At this point, you are already seeing the results of this four-week walking plan you are following. Keep your diet appropriate and remember to stretch regularly. It is advisable to do this to avoid causing harm to your muscles. For this period, you should take a twenty-minute regular paced walk to allow your muscles some time to recover. If you want to stay fit and strong, you should keep working out at all times. This fourth week is a cooldown week to prepare you for the next cycle. 


From the guide above, you can tell that it takes a lot to achieve total body strength using a walking program. However, as long as you follow the walking plan above, the routine will feel more natural. Ensure that you monitor your progress to determine if the four-week walking plan is efficient and worth your time and efforts. I hope you find this information useful.

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