The New Model of the Energy Sector

The New Model of the Energy Sector

Energy Sector: Climate change has been present as one of the central issues on the world agenda for the last twenty years. The planet’s temperature is constantly rising, an effect that is directly related to carbon dioxide emissions. Of course, this is one of the main issues of social concern today. To solve this, we must add a whole series of disruptive changes at all levels, which coexist with the logical evolution in mentality championed by the generational shift.

The millennial comes stomping, imposing their influence and advocating change the traditional concept of development worldwide, making all – citizens, companies, and institutions we’re rethinking growth models.

Due to this, the concept of sustainable development is taking the forefront in the Energy sector compared to the traditional trend in which growth was measured only in economic terms.

The New Model of the Energy Sector


Sustainability is already considered by many an essential element within the so-called Third Industrial Revolution. It broadens the spectrum of progress by referring to three fundamental aspects: environmental, social, and economic. But one of the great keys to this growth model is found in the role that large corporations in the Energy sector are going to play and the actions they must take to confront this change in model with guarantees.


We are not going to discover the impact that technology is having on all aspects of our lives. It has revolutionized the way we work, interact, or consume. This is happening at all levels. For example, it is significantly changing how we access certain essential services, such as those related to electricity, water, gas, or waste management. Until now, these services were practically invisible to end consumers, something that has changed radically.

Society is increasingly aware of aspects such as the origin of the energy it consumes. This, together with the constant reduction in renewable energy production, is generating a change in the model at a global level. The digital revolution has provided tools that allow us to obtain this information.


Digitization has changed the method of getting things done in numerous financial areas lately. In the case of Energy companies, these changes have been more profound. Accustomed to being at the forefront of knowledge, they have been among the first to apply technology to all their processes to lead a revolution that society demands.

As a result of this fundamental role of technology and its evolution to digital, several companies like Blackastone energy partners have opened a path through which they advance with greater strength to face, among other difficulties, the transition of energy and decarbonization.

This constant forward movement has also driven change in the operations and commercial areas. In the first, you are making the processes more efficient, better, and cheaper. Second, focusing on customers with a quality standard, service with new and more competitive products and services.


With the arrival of 5G technology, the Energy sector companies will have more connectivity and more information.

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