Easy And Essential Tips To Keep Floors Clean

Easy And Essential Tips To Keep Floors Clean

Nobody likes to live in an untidy house, especially with a dirty floor. But every floor gets dirty, and it needs to be cleaned from time to time. A well maintained or clean floor not only projects professional image but also lessens the risk of slips and falls. So a good mopping is essential to keep the floors clean. Here are some of the easy and essential tips that will help you to clean your floors most effectively. 

1) Sweep up the excess dirt 

Before mopping, it is essential to sweep up the extra dust. This is because excess dirt can make more mess when introduced with water. Clean the edges and the corners of the floor as they hold the maximum dust. 

2) Keeping and using doormats outside every door 

It is essential because most of the dust on the floor comes from foot. A healthy doormat habit ensures that the floor gets less dirty. 

3) Use of proper mopping and cleansing tools 

Every floor is different and requires a specific cleaning tool. What would work on the marble floor would not work on a wooden floor—no matter what kind they may be. Thus, it is necessary to use a specific cleaning tool. Use the proper broom and all-purpose cleaning cloths that effortlessly cleanses your floor and does not leave marks behind. 

4) Vacuum clean your rugs and carpets 

If you love decorating your floors with rugs and carpets, then it is essential to remove and wash your carpets once a week. Carpeting your floor traps dust in it that forms stubborn dust lines on the floor. To prevent this vacuum, the edges of the carpet regularly. 

5) Choose the appropriate floor cleaning product 

The floor carries a lot of impressions about the house. So, to keep them look good and maintained, it is vital to choose the right floor cleaners. Before picking up, any floor cleaners know the composition of the cleaner and the material of the floor. Floor cleaners are composed to emulsify the shining and cleaning property. So picking up the material-specific cleaner is essential. 

6) Know the correct order of cleaning  

Just sweeping and mopping can fairly clean your floor. If not correctly done, it can often create floor residue that can trap more dirt. So to do this properly, the first step is to clean your furniture area. You must do it before mopping, sweeping or vacuuming your floor by removing tables, chairs, carpets, or anything movable in the floor.

The next step is to prepare your mopping solution. Take a standard size bucket full of water and mix your preferable cleaning product. Now dip the mop or any desirable all-purpose cloth in the solution and wring as much as possible to remove the excess water and run over the floor in small sections. Once you have mopped thoroughly, you can see the changing colour of the bucket full of solution.

The final step is to mop your floor with a bucket full of clean water. Repeat the mopping step multiple times to completely dry the floor. Allow the floors to dry completely as wet floors can also make remarkable streaks. 

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