Buy App Downloads for IOS Application to Promote it to the TOP

Buy App Downloads for IOS Application to Promote it to the TOP

Application promotion is super competitive at the App Store. So, to commit one you need special tools and instruments for fast and steady promotion. Keyword installs are the dark horse in your marketing kit. You can use it to make your app reach the highest positions in the market search. 

Read this text to get the first idea of how buying installs will lead your product to the TOP. 

App Installs by Keywords Give More Organic Traffic

When you buy installs by keywords, your positions grow. The traffic you buy does not directly give you clients and in-app activity. First, it gives you positions’ growth, +50, +20 for example. With higher positions, more people will see you in search for these exact words and phrases. So, you will get more organic downloads from people that looked for a product like yours. That is the key point of how promotion by keywords works. When you improve your ranks and have a strong clickable icon with clear screenshots, you get organic clicks and conversion into downloads. 

Promote Smoothly and Efficiently

iOS promotion requires planning and deliberate promotion campaigns. The most common problem you can face buying app installs for iOS is the number of daily installs you order. A general idea is that you start with 5-10 installs per day until your word or phrase is pushed up to the 20th position in the App Store search. After that, you should gradually increase your daily incentive install amount, 1.5-2 times a day. With higher ranks, you will need more installs. Sometimes it is up to 700 installs a day. However, you should get to these 700 downloads gradually from the basic 10-15 installs. Learn how to buy app downloads for iOS with no risks. is a self-service platform for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization.

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