What is a Desk Booking System?


In order to create flexible and activity-based workspaces throughout your organization, you must use an online desk booking system. This will allow users to book a space as and when they are needed, according to their work and life schedules. We offer booking features for desktop computers, touch screens, desk screen signage, and mobile devices via our desktop desk booking app.

Using the Google Play Store, you can download the Condeco Desk Booking app for Android devices. Utilizing the App Store for your iPhone or iPad, you can find the app.

Advantages of Desk Booking System

Applications for Condeco Desk Booking Software users are available here. If this is your first time using the app, click on Sign up and follow the instructions, or, if you are already logged in, just log in with your details.

Customers can make desk bookings using the Condeco desk booking app:

  • Booking on-demand and/or multi-day desks can be found at our availability checker
  • You can view your desk bookings
  • Bookings can be deleted by deleting the desk
  • Make sure they are checked in on their desk
  • Search for nearby colleagues and reserve a desk.

With Forum, our cloud-based desk booking software, you can support a flexible workforce to encourage innovation, productivity, and engagement. No matter what new hoteling or hot desking program you are launching, what hybrid model involves telework, or what solution you need to improve your established workplace program, Desk Booking System is able to design a seamless environment for you. The system makes it easy for employees to find perfect workspaces, find teammates quickly, use on-the-spot workspaces, and so much more thanks to its intuitive design.

Features of Desk Booking System

  • Drive Choice and Flexibility

You can give your employees the flexibility and choice they need and desire by choosing a desk booking system like Desk Booking System to manage your dynamic workplace.

It is easy to book a desk anywhere with Forum’s intuitive interface, which is simple and intuitive. If people have access to a range of interfaces, they can choose the one that suits them, whether on the desktop when planning their next week; on the mobile app while commuting; or on a lobby kiosk as they enter the building.

  • Increase Collaboration and Productivity

Easily find and collaborate with your team no matter where you are in the world. Select the right workspace each day.

A variety of workspaces can be provided to employees, allowing them to customize their workspace to suit their needs and working styles.

  • Enable a Mobile Workplace

The DBS free desktop and mobile apps will let your contactless reserve workspaces wherever you are.

·       Check in, manage workspace reservations, and create new reservations using our intuitive Android and iOS apps.

·       With location-based notifications, it is easy to check into bookings and maintain accurate presence data.

·       You can check out images of available spaces and see a live floorplan before you book.

·       By adding QR codes to workspaces, you can provide a touchless, low-cost solution for people to see availability and claim a touchdown desk, hot desk, or collaboration space.

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4)  Efficient Usage of the Internal Storage

·       The value of a desk-booking system is it allows you to utilize your office space to its full potential while managing occupancy and supporting flexibility at the same time. The number of unused workspaces has been eliminated. It is no longer necessary to be uncertain about space availability. Creating seamless workplace experiences is all that’s needed Angel Investors.

·       Create customizable business rules to manage who has access to what space, and when, so that you can support neighborhoods, physical distances, and staggered schedules. When departments need to share desks, create a “neighborhood” of them for them to sit alongside each other.


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