Click funnels Review

Click funnels Review

If you keep in touch with the digital marketing field, then you have at least heard of ClickFunnels, it is an important landing page creation tool for online sales. In reviewing these clickfunnels, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages to determine whether clickfunnels are legitimate business marketing plans that need to be tried or overrated.

Click funnels Review

Since its inception, ClickFunnels has been known by its own name and has become one of the largest SaaS (software as a service) marketing companies around the globe. I don’t think it’s surprising that people like ClickFunnels, because it’s all about making money for users. Specifically, it is about providing a business program to help them convert website visitors into customers. Not surprisingly, in such a short period of time, the number of ClickFunnels users has increased surprisingly.

There is no denying its popularity, but does it mean it is worth it? For this, how much do we trust the crowd? It looks like another website and/or landing page generator, so what’s the difference and does it has value to add it to your marketing list?

In this “ClickFunnels Review”, I will give a basic introduction to ClickFunnels. What are they, advantages and disadvantages, features, customer service, etc? I will conduct this review based on my experience when using the ClickFunnels startup plan, which includes the basic functions of ClickFunnels. I will also give you some tips for other reviews I have seen, because not every user will agree with my final decision.

Whether you want to use it or not, it is a key role that everyone in e-commerce and online marketing must be familiar with leading setups. Before you jump, where do we rank it? I put it in 4 solid stars. There are some flaws, overall it is definitely a good thing. Continue reading to find out why!

ClickFunnels Review Highlights

The benefits of reviewing the ClickFunnels, please note this article.

  • Click Finals is an excellent landing page generator with a simple drag and drop editor
  • Easy and spacious integration allows you to capture emails and pay in click funnels
  • Built-in A/B test function
  • Easy to learn and practice
  • Focus on making the most of your customers
  • They offer a two-week free trial


What Are Funnels?

Clickfunnels review will be continued after some clarifications, let us explain the full meaning of marketing. In marketing, this is a process to attract people who do not know you and turns them into customers, also known as marketing coercion/funnel. In e-commerce, the sales route is a series of steps designed to direct website visitors to the sellout page.

This is a less boring way of thinking. 

Step 1: Imagine a conversion funnel.

Step 2: Suppose the funnel is actually a transfusion, not an actual funnel casting element, but a metaphor element called a web visitor or viewer. Visitors to your site will search around and check. Your website is beautifully designed with first-class content!

Unfortunately, this still cannot convert many of your visitors into customers. In a physical store, it’s like people entering your store, but they don’t know where to register the cash, so they don’t buy anything when they leave the store. In a physical store, you can discuss the purchase of goods with customers.

In the digital store, you can lead the visitors. This is the use of funnel-designed to attract your customers through psychological principles. The filling is carried out gradually so that the traffic is getting closer and closer so that visitors finally enter the payment page.

If you think this sounds good, then you are right-for online marketing, this has become a big deal. Russell Bronson not only made a fortune by selling ClickFunnels but also made a fortune by using it.

Advantages (ClickFunnels Reviews)

ClickFunnels is designed to save you time and effort-otherwise, it requires a lot of technical knowledge and/or use by a group of third parties. In this sense, the ClickFunnels is successful.

  • It makes you money

ClickFunnels is that it focuses on making money for its users. This makes it easy to create an account, create your own content, and receive payments. Also, it’s easy to extract everything-it can take up to several hours to figure out your needs.

  • Drag and drop generator

These are some very useful features. I like to copy pages easily, and I can save the template for later use. Once you get used to it, the drag and drop tool is easy to use.

  • A/B test system

The built-in A/B test is excellent. All you need to do is copy the page, make changes, and then select the traffic A or B to view.

  • Large integration team

I think that ClickFunnels API integration indeed achieved prosperity. Email and payment processors have very little workload-they work reliably and are easy to manage.

  • WordPress plugin

You will also find a convenient WordPress plugin that can be used to add steep pages to the WordPress website. Operating between the plugin and WordPress without causing confusion can save a lot of time and reduce trouble. In the WordPress plugin repository, the ClickFunnels WordPress plugin is also rated 4.4 Solid Star, with over 20K active installations.

Disadvantages (Cliff Reviews)

There is also bad news: Although cliffs are usually strong, there are still some places to work, and if you don’t consider the ugly side, a good ClickFunnelsreview will be incomplete.

  • Hike in the price?

There is a small breakdown cost. There are only two pricing options, $97per month or $297 per month. Overall, this is no big deal, just another investment in your business, and as I said, you get good services for this.

  • Slow customer service

In addition to this, excellent customer support. In my experience, they are good with simple queries, but if you need to know something very technical things, especially development related, they will not help much.

  • Too many configurations

Although you can make extensive customizations in ClickFunnels, many people still adopt similar designs. Considering the popularity of ClickFunnels, this may result in a large number of click channels. 

Yes, there are some disadvantages: If you need a practical solution for marketing needs with higher optimization capabilities, you may need to consider third-party options that can be combined with each other. If you eventually want to spend time with ClickFunnels, you will find yourself dissatisfied and you will eventually encounter some errors in unsupported customer service representatives or flaws in the programs. You may even be frustrated with their ads.

But do you know? All in all, I think there is nothing more important than a powerful landing page builder, let alone other advantages, such as a short learning curve, solid integration, and beautiful templates.

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