Tired of Cardboard Moving Boxes? Here’s an Eco-Friendly Alternative!

Tired of Cardboard Moving Boxes

Moving or relocating from an apartment or a home had always been a tedious task. But the worst part of it is to prepare a whole bunch of flimsy cardboard boxes for packing and moving. That means there are many tapes, glue and careful stacking involved to ensure nothing tips off or falls over.

You can overcome such a nuisance by availing the service of a company renting plastic moving boxes in Sydney. According to a study conducted in 2017-2018, only 72% of cardboard and paper wastes found their way to recycling. That means around 30% of cardboard wastes is discarded and littered throughout Sydney and the rest of the country.

Procedure for Order

  1. The customer places orders starting from prices as affordable as 110 $.
  2. The delivery team drops off the required number of boxes at the drop off point.
  3. After one has shifted completely, the customer can call the company, and the delivery team will pick up the boxes.

Why Plastic Moving Boxes?


Cardboard boxes are not very durable; the customer must fold and tape all the sides to prevent it from ripping apart under the weight. This precaution will require considerable effort from the individual and wastes time during shifting.

On the other hand, moving boxes are strong and capable of withstanding physical pressures that a standard cardboard box cannot.


One can use cardboard only a few times before putting them in the recycling bin. Moving boxes are sturdier and can be used more than 400 times before giving it up for recycling. Hence there is no littering concern for the moving boxes as it is the case with cardboard boxes.


Cardboard boxes can damage the environment as trees need to be cut down and processed for their production. There is no such issue with moving boxes, as these boxes consist of strong and durable plastic materials that are easily recyclable.

Readily Available

Moving boxes are readily available for use, unlike cardboard. Cardboard boxes have to be folded, secured and taped on each open side to prevent objects from falling out. On the other hand, moving boxes are already ready to be used and have lids that secure the items inside.


The plastic boxes used for moving purposes cost less than buying several cardboard boxes. This advantage makes the whole process under budget.


The plastic moving boxes are resistant to moisture, and other wet situations; whereas cardboard and paper can easily get soggy due to any form of dampness in a surrounding area. Hence one cannot use cardboard boxes for all weather conditions.

Strong Enough To Be Stacked

Another essential benefit of using strong plastic boxes is that they can handle the weight of being stacked on top of each other. Cardboard boxes can collapse under their weight if they are stacked. This drawback makes it a problem during shifting when there’s no space left.

With the problems of storing cardboard boxes and disposing of them properly, it is reasonably much more efficient to use plastic boxes for moving. Plastic boxes are more affordable for the secure movement of objects.

Due to their less sturdy and flimsy quality, cardboard boxes will indeed become a thing of the past in the coming years. On the other hand, plastic moving boxes promise a seamless and efficient shifting experience. There are companies renting plastic moving boxes in Sydney. In case you’re shifting, it’s a wise choice to check them out.

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