Building a Website from Scratch: A Guide

Building a Website from Scratch

When you come to need a website, you’re going to have to begin from scratch in order to build the digital infrastructure necessary to get your home on the web built and operational. This can be quite a task – involving, as it does, a mix of graphic design, web design, marketing skills and an understanding of user experience, or UX. In this short guide, we’ll take a look at how you should go about building a website, and what tips you’ll need to make the process as swift and exciting as possible.

Finding Examples You Like

Whether you’re planning on building your website yourself, or you’d like an agency to work on it for you, you should always think about which websites you’d like to emulate as a first port of call. Look across the web and pluck out ten of your favorite websites that you feel provide a wonderful experience for web users. Make a note of each website, and add notes to each website showing what it is that you like about their setup. This will help guide your initial design ideas.

Solo Design Versus Agency

If you’re on a tight budget, the temptation may be for you to simply go it alone with website creation. You can do this fairly easily – by using templates provided by some of the biggest web design platforms in the world, like WordPress and Wix.

Nonetheless, this can result in an amateur-looking website, and it can take you days, often weeks, of a frustrating building when you could have outsourced this task to professionals who will be able to provide a polished website for you and your business. Contact ALT Agency – who are a Birmingham based website design agency to begin discussions, and to get a price quote on their services. You’ll find that the investment in professional web design skills will save you time and cash in the long-run.

Your URL

A small note of caution: you want to choose a URL from the very start of your journey – your written home on the web. This should relate to your brand or your company, and it should be easy for web users to type directly into their URL bar on a browser. Try to avoid long names, as these can be off-putting to web users.

Your Design

When you come to designing your website, you’ll have the website list you made earlier as inspiration. You’ll know what you think works well, and you’ll be ready to build yourself, or to present your requirements to an agency, in the style that you’ve witnessed across the web. Remember that your website is supposed to present your brand in all its energy and vigor, and this means that it’s about translating your business’ ethos onto web pages that consumers will connect with. Make sure you’re injecting enough of your brand’s personality into each page in order to impress web users and convince them to trade with you online.

Building a website can feel like a daunting task, but with the tips outlined above, you’ll be able to get well on your way to creating the ideal business website for you and your team.

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