5 Top Apps for Productive and Creative Living

5 Top Apps for Productive and Creative Living

Smartphones and mobile devices are incredibly popular. Almost everyone around the world has access to one.

Indeed, statistics show that there are over three billion smartphone users across the world right now. This figure is set to continue to increase, as more and more people become to rely on their devices for work, play and creativity.

The sheer volume of new apps that are constantly being created is evidence of how essential mobile devices are. Providing plenty of scope for every aspect of life, apps showcase life and its needs in all its variety.

Here are 5 top apps for a fun, productive and inventive lifestyle.

5. Shabaam

The popular app Shabaam taps into a key part of visual online language; the gif. Gifs are short animations and videos usually with added text.

Memes are often based around the fact that people love sharing gifs. They are a huge part of the internet culture that have steadily made inroads into the mainstream.

Nowadays pretty much everyone is familiar with a clever – and hopefully humorous – use of a still or moving image gif file. While using them doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated, life in the age of apps has a fast solution to enjoying a gif.

Shabaam has a vast library of funny gifs just waiting to be edited and then shared. Users can record their own voice and then add it to the file.

Bringing a unique way to create the perfect gif for every occasion, the free to download app makes sure users are ready to enjoy, or make, the next fun meme.

4. Calm

People have been experiencing the benefits of meditation for at least 3500 years. The practice of focusing the mind in relaxed concentration is often praised by its supporters for helping with every aspect of life.

Guided meditations are the best way for meditation newbies to begin their journey into the benefits of quiet ‘me-time.’

The app Calm compiles an extensive choice of guided and unguided meditations lasting from a few minutes right up to more extensive sessions of 30 minutes. Themed meditations concentrating on help with anxiety, breaking bad habits, and sleeping better are part of the range of features.

Calm is a valuable resource for anyone looking to start exploring the benefits of meditation. It provides a great example of just how mobile technology can assist with personal health and well-being.

Although the app is geared towards adults, it is possible to introduce children to the benefits of it with careful assistance. In that way, all generations can explore the advantages of app-based meditating.

3. 888 Poker

The leading gaming app 888 Poker offers a brilliant opportunity to enjoy mobile card games wherever you are. The app compiles a wide variety of poker games ideal for enjoying while travelling or waiting for an appointment.

Players can use the app to play single games and tournaments whenever they want to. It can be quickly and securely downloaded for both Android and Apple devices.

888 Poker has a history going back to 2012. It was one of the first gaming companies to utilize the app format to take mobile play forward.

This experience in game development has helped to make the app one of the most secure and versatile options for mobile gaming.

The free to download app provides players with the chance to partake in cash games and tournaments. Texas Hold ‘em and Snap style poker games share space on the app alongside other casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Slots.

2. Canva

If you need to design a poster, social media graphics or any other kind of visual content, Canva could help.

The free to download app has a wide range of templates for all sorts of use. Lots of different layouts, icons, charts, fonts and images are available to give your design the right appearance.

Canva is ideal for the keen non-professional who wants an easy-to-use but good quality graphic design package. Essentially, Canva scales down the complexity of graphic design language without losing any of the visual appeal.

Canva is a versatile tool for a wide range of uses. The steps needed to produce brochures, promotional material and learning documents are all logically and practically provided.

In 2019, Canva acquired the large stock image libraries Pixabay and Pexels. That year also saw the company partner with American marketing group HubSpot to make it easier to publish and promote content.

A subscription is needed to access the full range of options and images. Even so, Canva still works out to be a valuable way to make projects look clearer and more inviting.

1. Forest

How to become more productive is a question many of us ask at some point. Luckily for us, there are plenty of valuable tips for making the most of our time.

The time management app Forest is a unique option anyone aiming to complement a sensible working routine.

With diversions and distractions competing for our time and attention it’s easy to lose focus. Forest targets this problem in a smart way that benefits both the user, and possibly, the planet.

The app promises to plant trees as a reward for avoiding distracting screen time. By taking breaks from screen time, users grow virtual trees and earn coins.

Coins can be used to plant real trees to aid in the global effort of reforestation. The app works by timing how long the app is open without any other tabs running. Once the virtual tree is planted it will ‘grow’ by keeping the app on for a set amount of time.

Forest combines attractive visuals and fun gameplay with a valuable tool for productivity. The serious ecological message is also in keeping with the best of smart tech’s mission to educate and inform.

The demand for new ways to deliver entertainment and information shows no sign of slowing down. As we look to our devices for inspiration, we will keep on searching for the best apps to make life easier.

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