How to Write a Good UK Essay?

How to Write a Good UK Essay?

Nearly 541,240 students were accepted for admissions through UCAS for undergraduate courses in 2019. Essay writing forms an essential part of the assessment in the UK education system for the admission process.

How Does Essay Help in Student Assessment?

An essay tests a person’s ability to write and communicate their ideas and notions. It also demonstrates an array of skills like understanding the title, identifying the right material to read, and understanding the same. It tells you to present your ideas, thoughts, and arguments in a structured and coherent manner.

These academic skills are vital in the university and beyond. Not all students are born with essay writing abilities, and it is something you’ll pick up gradually.

If you are wondering how to create excellent UK essays, here are some tips to help you:

Prepare the Structure of the Essay in Advance

First things first, prepare a structure of the essay based on the assigned title. A structure is an outline of the essay, mentioning the points to be covered, divided into subheadings. It will require an understanding of the topic. Therefore, you may need to carry out some research for it.

Remember that it is a rough outline, and you may or may not follow it in your actual writing. The procedure gives you a guideline to digress from the topic and make the writing process faster.

Decide the Conclusion First!

You may find this suggestion to be a bit strange, but if you know what point you are trying to prove through the essay, you will find it a lot easier to write it out. You will be able to identify the material to support the argument, and that does not support your argument, but you want to include them anyway.

Hook the Readers with the Introduction

The introduction is the most crucial part of your essay and needs the most work. It tells the reader what the essay is all about. This is what sets the tone for the entire content. Make it crisp and enjoyable so that readers would want to read further. Include quotes, punch lines, and whatever you think will hook the reader’s attention.

Use Examples

Use examples wherever you are trying to prove a point. It illustrates the point better and makes the content a whole lot interesting. For example, if you apply for a literature degree at the University of Oxford, understand the nuances of learning and expectations of this prestigious institution to write your UK essays.

Follow the KISS Principle

Finally, follow the KISS rule. Keep it short and simple. Remember, you don’t get any extra marks for writing unduly long essays. Please stick to the given word count and keep the sentences short, so it is easy to read and understand. Going on and on about something won’t get you any extra marks.

There are several online platforms available with sample essays written by top students. While it is not always a good idea to copy that or even pass it off as your own, you can certainly refer to it to get an idea about the structure, tone, and language.

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