Where To Get Your AWS Qualified Device

Where To Get Your AWS Qualified Device

The Internet of Things market is definitely significantly growing in recent years and things aren’t about to change any time soon. As you probably already know, or as you can see here if you haven’t been aware of it by now, the IoT refers to the myriad of devices across the world that are connected together with the aim of sharing data. If there is one thing we can say with utmost certainty, then it’s this. The IoT has definitely changed the way we function nowadays.

LoRaWAN is another important term that you need to be aware of by now, especially if you are in a line of business that requires you to use certain sensors, trackers, and similar devices. LoRaWAN is designed to manage communication between certain gateways and end-node devices, which allows for easier data transmission. Did you, however, know that not all the IoT and LoRaWAN devices are of the same quality?

Well, of course, you knew that already. It is practically common sense. But, here’s what might not be common sense and what might not be common knowledge. There is now a program designed to review and validate the technical part of certain devices, thus putting them on the list of the so-called AWS-qualified devices. The advantage of those qualified devices lies in the fact that they have all gone through the reviewing and validation process and that their quality has thoroughly been inspected.

This gives people that are buying them a higher sense of security that they are buying something that’s worth their money and their time for that matter. It is sort of like a quality control program, but works on a much higher level, as it is not done internally in a particular company. The bottom line is that buying those AWS-qualified devices is always a good move since you can be sure that you’ll get the quality you need this way.

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So, now that you know that the AWS-qualified devices are actually what you need, there is only one thing that you are probably wondering. Where can you actually get these? Well, that is a great question. Once you start searching, you will realize that there are a lot of opportunities for getting these, but you need to be smart about which opportunity to use and which ones to ignore for your own good. If you keep on reading, we’ll talk a bit more about where to get these devices.


It All Starts With The Supplier

As you might have guessed, it all starts with the supplier. If a particular company hasn’t gone through the AWS qualification process, then the products they are selling won’t be what you are looking for. You might have worked with a particular company in the past, but now you want to step up your game and ensure that you are getting those qualified devices, meaning that you should definitely stay away from those companies that haven’t gone through this qualification process. So, finding qualified suppliers is the first important move.

But You Need To Be Careful When Choosing One

Of course, this does not mean that you should just decide to work with any of those suppliers that have met the AWS criteria. They will still differ from one another, at least in the quality of their services. This just means that you will have to be pretty careful when choosing the perfect supplier for you and that the AWS qualifications are only one part of the factors you should consider. In addition to that, you should research the potential suppliers in more detail focusing on checking their level of experience, as well as anything else that you need to know before deciding whether to cooperate with someone or not.

Don’t Rush Into Anything Without Doing Research

The worst thing you can do is rush into making this decision without doing any relevant research beforehand. To put it simply, when trying to buy the best AWS qualified device and choose the best supplier, you will need to spend some time researching those devices in further detail before making a final choice. It would be a good idea to find a few reviews with the aim of checking the quality of the devices because your goal is undoubtedly to buy high-quality ones that will work perfectly. Of course, the AWS label already speaks in favor of the quality, but it won’t hurt you to read some reviews and check the quality in even more detail.

Checking Reputation Is A Must

In addition to checking the general quality of those AWS-qualified devices, you need to check the reputation of the suppliers as well. This is because you want to get great service from the company you choose and that won’t be the case if you end up working with an ill-reputed and untrustworthy one that people have complained a lot in the past. If you find out that people are complaining about certain suppliers, the absolute best thing to do is avoid working with them, so that you don’t end up complaining as well. The best way to check the reputation of those companies is by, once again, reading some online reviews. Once you do all of this, you’ll get the best AWS-qualified devices for you.

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