When is the CAT GD and interview conducted? How to crack it?

When is the CAT GD and interview conducted? How to crack it?

Following the announcement of MBA entrance exam results, group discussion (GD) personal interview (PI) written ability test (WAT) Rounds are held for MBA admissions to IIMs and other top B-schools. B-schools select applicants on the basis of their admission requirements and conduct the personal assessment round, which includes a PI, a GD and a WAT. In fact, it is fair to say that CAT scores are only used to shortlist students, with the GD PI WAT rounds serving as the final selection process. The CAT Syllabus is never fixed. There are usually variations in the marking scheme as per the question. However, the selection process remains the same.

What is PI in CAT?

Before you are accepted into the IIMs, a personal interview will be a part of the selection criteria for CAT 2022. The PI round tests of your verbal communication skills, mental presence and how well you present your ideas and knowledge to persuade the interviewers. The most important part of the final selection process for MBA admissions to IIMs and other B-schools is the PI. It has a high weighting in the final selection process, ranging from 30% to 50%.

IIM and MBA PIs, academics, work experience, extracurricular activities, location and current events can all play a role in admission. There may also be some inquiries about your future plans. Candidates are also questioned about recent industry and corporate events at IIMs. Here are some helpful hints for preparing for a PI.

Be careful when writing your statement of purpose (SoP): Your SoP can also serve as a source of questions for the PI round panellists. So, in addition to doing a variety of other activities to prepare for the PI round, you should concentrate on your SoP and have answers ready for the points that you have mentioned in your SoP.

Maintain your knowledge: Read the newspapers regularly, watch the news on TV and make a list of everything that is important to you.

Examine your work experience: If you have work experience, you should be well aware of your role and the entire system to which you and your team contribute.

Get to know yourself: Examine and practise your strengths and weaknesses. You must be able to highlight your strengths effectively and you must prepare well for this. Your flaws should not reflect your inability to complete the task or improve.

What is GD in CAT?

Not only in top MBA colleges but also various recruitment processes such as class 1 and 2 services, SSB and bank officer recruitment services, among others, the GD round is a popular component of the final selection round. It is also given a lot of weight in the final admissions/selection process. The GD rules allow you to speak effectively while listening to others. Following the GD skills is one of the most important GD tips for winning the GD round. One of the most important GD skills is to stay well-informed, listen carefully to others and not miss an opportunity to give an effective speech.

How are GDs assessed?

The primary reason for including a GD round in the final admissions process for MBA/PGDM programmes in B-schools is that it is an important aspect of group communication that reflects the participants’ leadership abilities and thought processes.

Types of GD Topics

GD topics on business and economy: This section covers current business and economic trends, major policy initiatives and the latest business trends, as well as their global and national implications.

GD topics on current affairs: GD topics on current affairs are based on national or international political developments, policies and issues that are hotly debated in the media.

Top MBA colleges are focusing on developing socially responsible MBAs through GD topics on social issues. As a result, there is a greater focus on issues such as gender.

Topics for GD on abstract topics: You might be wondering what abstract GD topics are. These are the topics that can be interpreted in various ways, allowing candidates to demonstrate their creativity and critical thinking.

How to get ready: There are three aspects to preparing for a GD. The following are three suggestions for preparing for a GD:

  • Learn more about GD topics by reading this article.
  • Develop your listening skills.
  • Learn and practise effective speaking skills that are backed up by facts and figures.

GD preparation should start concurrently with CAT/XAT preparation. Following the written exam, you should concentrate on preparing for the GD round, which has a high weighting in the final selection round.

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