What Job Prospects Can a Degree in Fashion Help You Explore?

What Job Prospects Can a Degree in Fashion Help You Explore

The middle class in every part of the world is expanding rapidly as disposable income rises. That is why apart from cars, apparel, and gadgets, people are spending lavishly on clothing items and accessories. Many people find themselves passionate about fashion from a young age. If you are too fond of experimenting with bold clothing styles, then a degree in fashion may be ideal for you. A fashion degree from a reputed institute that focuses on the fundamentals of fashion and imparts a holistic view of the industry can help you forge a lucrative career. 

If you are interested in exploring the domain of fashion, then a bachelor’s degree is a must. Here are some of the top job prospects that await you in this field.

Fashion Designer

It is the most popular reason why students pursue a bachelor’s in fashion. Today, everyone is inspired by the exemplary works of designers like Alex Perry, Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton. They want to follow in their footsteps. But it’s vital to know that you can specialize in a single area of fashion design like women’s clothing, sportswear, knitwear design, and the like. 

In such jobs, your main tasks will be to design sketches on a given theme, present design concepts, and work with manufacturers. 

Fashion Shopping Expert

They are also called fashion buyers. They have the skills to predict fashion trends before they are seen on the streets. As a fashion buyer, your duties will primarily involve deciding the type of fashion item to buy according to customer preferences and managing the inventory. You will also work with big fashion brands and be on the lookout for emerging brands, new designers, and trends in the fashion world. Apart from it, fashion buyers are also closely involved with fashion merchandisers. Their task includes determining ways to boost revenue and customer satisfaction.

Marketing Specialist in Fashion

Such a person manages the marketing activities of a well-established or an upcoming fashion brand. It is a very important job, as the work that a person in this role does directly impacts the brand’s public image. As a marketing specialist of a fashion brand, you will be responsible for creating, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You will also be responsible for promoting press releases, the launch of a product, and other similar events. You’ll have to see that the brand message is conveyed clearly to the public. 

Fashion Blogger/ Journalist

This career option is for those fashion enthusiasts who love writing as much as they love fashion. A fashion journalist or a blogger attends fashion events and writes blogs, vlogs around them. They also interview both famous and up-and-coming fashion designers, models, and fashion house representatives. Their other tasks include evaluating different fashion items, comparing and contrasting materials, prices, and styles. They stay abreast with the current trends in fashion and communicate to people about the significant developments in this field.

Fashion Product Manager

Do you want to stay as close to the fashion industry as possible? Then the role of a fashion product manager can be suitable for you. Such a person handles the complete cycle of a clothing piece. From design to prototype, they take care of it all. Besides, they also supervise the production of items and make sure that factories adequately meet the quality and safety standards.

To be considered eligible for any employment opportunity in the discipline of fashion, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. A fashion degree that nurtures higher-level critical thinking and product development skills helps pupils take great strides in this domain. 

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