What Is Bitcoin And How Does It works?

What Is Bitcoin And How Does It works

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2008, bitcoin is introduced by unknown people by using satoshi nakamoto name. Bitcoin is a fully digital currency. People can buy and sell bitcoins using different currencies on trading points known as bitcoin exchanges.

Bitcoin is a type of currency.The payment system is runned completely online; no middle man characters are involved, that the great factor in bitcoin,if there is any mediator like banks they charge maintenance charges it leads to more beneficiary to mediators to get raided on those points Bitcoin are introduced after economic collapse in 2008.

Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency that is able to transfer from one user to another based on a peer-to-peer bitcoin network without involvement of administration and banks. rewrited Transactions are verified by network junctions by using cryptography methods and written down in a blockchain, in blockchain information are stored in the form of blocks.


When you’re a new user you can start using a BITCOIN transaction by installing bitcoin wallets in your device, creating your first BITCOIN and sharing wallet details to family and friends for the further transaction, Bitqt are used to buy online based service like purchasing gold,goods, etc Bitcoin values are increase day by day.

BITCOIN transactions are runned under blockchain technology.block chain technology registers every single point about transactions such as date, time, day, month,sender and recovery. a block chain is a decentralized one no one has access to control it. Block chains generate transaction details in the form of small bites and store permanently for further reference, block chains are used to verify the validity of every transaction.

BITCOIN transactions take place between two wallets with the help of blockchain, while transactions in bitcoin wallets store a confidential information known as private key.

Bitcoins have two types of key: private and public keys and those two keys are combined while transactions for further control of transactions and also acts as a proof. And private keys are used to sign transactions and provide mathematical proof that they came from the wallet owner.transaction information is provided within 10 to 20 minutes.

Bitcoin is the first Implementary example of cryptocurrency.

Digital signatures are the authentication of the transaction.

Investing in cryptocurrency is somewhat risk factors, because of frequent up and down in pricing and value of the bitcoin, but it doesn’t give losses to investors, in this cryptocurrency value is increasing day by day.it works very well without failure.

Is it safe to invest in cryptocurrency?

Every investment has a certain risk level, we can’t find an investment without risk, cryptocurrency also gives some risk because of frequent change in value of bitcoin. If any hacking takes place, it leads to complete losses.so here we are giving few advices to follow while investing

  • Understand completely about how to invest in Cryptocurrency
  • Gain knowledge about how to start investing, purchasing, transaction etc.,
  • Make sure that you have enough money for further investment and to maintain it.
  • Select the better resources and policies while investing
  • Know about public and private keys
  • Make sure of the security and safety of bitcoin.
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