What is a store maker and how best to choose it?

What is a store maker and how best to choose it

What is the Maker store?

The rapid growth of technology and the increasing penetration of Internet penetration have made us all easier to live our lives and order our daily needs online from online stores if you are also thinking of setting up your own internet business. You must first be aware of the tools you need to do this.

Building an online store is an incredibly easy way to make money. But what’s difficult is knowing where and how to get started.

Learning how to create an online store from the beginning can be daunting. The first thing you need to know about setting up an online store is to know what tools are available and how to use them.

What is a Maker Store and Why Do You Need It?

What is store Maker

Software that is used as a tool to launch an online store is called a store maker. There are generally 2 types of storefronts that are:

  1. Custom Tools Store (Open Source)
  2. Free Public Tools Store (Open Source)

Paid Tools Store You can set up your own store with the help of any of these tools but by reading the full article with specific advantages and disadvantages Learn each of these ways so you can make the right and wise decision with your eyes open.

Launches online store using the Store a proprietary (custom) instrument store proprietary (custom), who commissioned musical instruments shop store owner developed by a programmer and Akhtssa be given to the applicant. So you need to hire a developer and developer to have a custom store builder.

The developer creates a custom CMS for you using programming languages ​​such as PHP or ASP.NET or their common frameworks (such as Larval, CodeGenerator, etc.).

Although it requires a lot of investment, it usually does not have the security and facilities you need, so you have to constantly spend on upgrading or upgrading its facilities. On the other hand, most proprietary CMSs, unfortunately, do not have the necessary support from developers.

Even most of these CMSs are encrypted by programmers under the pretext of preventing code theft. This means that if you lose or disconnect a programmer for any reason, no other programmer will be able to develop or debug that system.

In addition to the above, you will also need a hosting (server/server) service as well as technical support, which will be costly as you will gradually become aware of shared hosting. It does not meet your needs and you need to buy a server.

That’s when your problems are just getting started. Because server management requires a very high level of technical know-how to maintain and configure it, on the other hand, most web hosting companies devote their support services only to shared hosts and explicitly declare that they have no responsibility for the servers.

So you have to personally support and manage the server, or hire someone else to do it, which is certainly not free. There is no doubt that the cost of upgrading and updating the server, as well as hiring tech support and paying a monthly wage is not something every internet shopper can afford.

This applies especially to startups that are just beginning and have no sponsors.

Launches online-store using Store public free (open source)

Instrument Store free public, the CMS open source store are made by a person or team specific developments are not, but thousands of them are involved and regularly These systems are being upgraded and updated to newer versions. The most important of these systems are:

  • Store Vvkamrs Store woo commerce
  • Store PrestaShop Store PrestaShop
  • Store demo Store Magento
  • Store Open Card Store open cart

an important advantage of this store instruments that CMS are free and open-source, which means you need to hire a developer and You don’t have a developer for CMS and your hands are open. On the other hand, these CMSs are regularly updated and supported by the provider and therefore have a higher security factor.

Another advantage of these storefronts is that they have public education forums because of the wide range of plugins and free templates available to users.

Taken together, these advantages have far fewer bugs and inconveniences than custom-built hardware. But first of all, what we said about the server and the server there is also here. And secondly, these instrument makers have their own troubles.

Since the free templates of the Open Source Storefronts don’t take much notice, you will definitely want to create a dedicated or retail storefront once you start using these storefronts, which will also be a kind of adventure starter. CMS is proprietary.

You either have to hire a professional website designer to design your own custom template or you can buy premium and paid templates that are both in the same fate as before.

If you go to a developer or site designer to design a custom storefront based on Open Source Storefronts to design and customize the templates to your expectations, then all the things we said about developing a dedicated CMS are here It is also conceivable.

On the other hand, if you buy from premium and premium open-source SMS formats, there are some problems. Many storefront designers (based on Open Source storefronts) encrypt the template under the pretext of preventing code theft.

The designers of these templates are usually the only person who does not provide any reasonable support for the templates sold. The tricky part of this story also comes when you can’t give your site the template to another developer.

  • Launching a store using premium store systems should not be confused with the word “money” in the title of this type of store, as setting up a store with such stores is far cheaper than other storefronts. And it’s easier.
  • Because of its convenience, Premium store systems are the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to set up online stores. Because with their help you have no need for programming knowledge, domain and web hosting and design.
  • You can start working with this type of store anytime you want. These systems usually provide you with a free plan or trial before you buy to make sure they work.
  • Even if you are hesitant to use them permanently, trying them out is no harm.
  •  After the trial period to get the money by the Store of online store owners depending on the policy instrument store in one of the 3 as follows:

Get subscriptions, monthly / yearly receive a commission, percentage of sales, for example, 4% of every sale
through the placement of banner advertising and web, stores attract advertising some people the wrong name of the store instruments ” Co -sited” have if As we said, only some of these platforms are copyrighted, and some of them get commission or advertisements.

When you decide to help a Store Premium Online, your online store launch with a lot of options that you face in terms of features and price and features differ. Some are even Iranian and some are international. Some are specific to selling a particular item such as a “file” and some are not restricted.

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