What does a retired person need to know to buy a property in Turkey?

What does a retired person need to know to buy a property in Turkey

Holidays in Turkey are unforgettable. People often cannot leave the thought of the beauty of this country they have seen. They would like to go back, where it smells of the salty sea, and the sun’s rays caress the skin. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations in real estate acquisition. Not only young people or families with children move to Turkey, but also elderly foreigners.

Now in Turkey, there are whole districts in which only pensioners from different countries of the world live. Analysts predict this is just the beginning. In a few years, the number of retired people wishing to leave for sunny Turkey will grow significantly. There are plenty of options to choose from, starting from real estate in Mersin and Izmir and to the properties of Alanya and Bodrum. Check out the Turk.Estate website to have a look at all the options available.

Buying seems to be a good investment or a way to move in old age. The purchase of housing allows you to stay in the country without restrictions and opens up the opportunity to obtain a residence permit.

What is vital when choosing the property as a retired

You should not trade blindly. Initially, go to the city of interest on vacation, live in a hotel, take a look at the real estate put up for sale. The pricing policy of apartments directly depends on the following characteristics:

  • location;
  • quality of construction;
  • infrastructure;
  • remoteness from tourism centers.

Real estate firms or real estate agencies that sell to foreigners often organize tours to potential buyers, retirees, to show the properties on sale.

Before you travel, review the information on:

  • the life of the country;
  • the developer and his built objects;
  • conditions of purchase for retired people.

The laws of many countries do not prohibit owning property abroad. The deal is completed quickly. After 100% payment, the buyer is entered into the open register of property owners. An extract confirming the right of ownership is issued.

Documents to prepare beforehand

Buying an apartment in Turkey will not cause much trouble if you initially draw up the documents correctly. The sales contract must have certain conditions:

  • information about the purchased housing unit, from the layout to the number of the land plot under the building;
  • transaction amount with a breakdown of the advance and principal;
  • repayment schedule, terms of money transfer;
  • obligations of each party;
  • data of the seller, the buyer.

The document is drawn up in two languages. Signing a contract is half the success. The registration of the property is waiting ahead.

Consider what is needed for the legal registration of housing:
  • the passport of the buyer;
  • a notarized copy of the passport, translated into Turkish;
  • photographs for documents;
  • a taxpayer identification number opened in Turkey.

The ownership is formalized by the Cadastral Office, which, after checking the documentation, issues a certificate of ownership of the real estate.

Real Estate in Turkey

Of course, when planning to buy real estate in Turkey, you should weigh all the pros and cons for yourself. But if you want to invest your funds wisely, relax by the sea and receive passive income, then welcome to Turk.Estate website. The specialists will select for you the best housing units in Turkey for relaxation and permanent residence.

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