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Download Real11 now

The fact that we all need constant monitoring whether it be health, sports, or education, is not hidden from all of us. To make it more evident in the field of sports and gameplay, we have apps like Real11. Download the Real11 app to know the process. An observant attitude is required to ace in anything, be it any sport, science, or business. The Real11 app stands out in these terms.

What is the Real11 app?

A one stop solution to play cricket, football along with kabaddi and win real cash. Real11 is one of the fastest growing fantasy sports platforms where users get to play the best fantasy games in a few clicks.

What are the unique features of this platform?

  • Abundant opportunities- Apart from having thrilling gameplay in Real11, you will get numerous opportunities to earn money by utilizing the knowledge you have gained in the field of sports to date.
  • Overdose of excitement- Not only do they let their users enjoy fantasy cricket, fantasy football and fantasy kabaddi, but also award them the opportunity to relive the good old childhood days through their favorite board game, ludo.
  • Enhanced Gaming Experience- It also offers the best gaming experience to users. Technical lags are almost negligible, which also helps them to enhance by creating a mind-enriching environment that facilitates practice.
  • Never-ending opportunities- Play the game that you will agree with, join contests as per your preferences, suitable schedule, and stand a chance to encash massive money rewards on your winnings daily!

How does an interactive and intuitive leaderboard function?

  • Live Fantasy- Play alongside live cricket matches and get real time evaluation by creating a block of 5 overs.
  • Shareable contests- A shareable contest allows you to win free entry in that particular contest upon sharing it with others. So, share the link and invite your friends and watch out who scales up the most on the leaderboard. It gives the same vibe as playing on the ground would give.
  • Spot Fantasy- Predict every ball of a live cricket match and win big to top the charts. Stay tuned for every other minute.
  • Second innings contest- Now, you can create your fantasy teams according to your choice, even for the second innings of a match. You can even interact with players. Healthy competition helps people to remain focused to work diligently to scale up the leaderboard. Experience more by downloading Real11.

What are the benefits of Live Monitoring available on the Real11 App?

  • Easy Registration- Starting from ‘account registration’ to ‘instant withdrawal of cash rewards’, every process is so smooth and hassle-free, that makes the platform awesome.
  • No previous experience required – Even the user, who has never indulged himself/herself in playing fantasy games and is unaware of the concept of fantasy leagues, can easily download the Real11 app. Play fantasy cricket and win real cash on a regular basis just by being regular which comes under constant monitoring.
  • A better guide- As compared to its counterparts, Real11 offers a better understanding of fantasy cricket and acts as a helping hand, and you can also excel and develop your knowledge while playing on our platform. This motivates people to never quit the platform in times of distress.
  • A Fair Game- Fantasy sports on the Real11 app is a game of skill that sets it apart from gambling and deliberate traps. This instills a feeling of security among users and motivates them to stick to the platform and participate regularly. Hence, fantasy cricket also comes under a skill-based game, and it is considered legal.
  • Fully Verified- The company is registered, and has been in the market for the last 16 months & has witnessed an increase in its market presence among competitors. As it is fully legal, people don’t fear getting cheated and treat it as a foolproof destination for fulfilling their love for games.
  • Earn through Referrals- Refer your friends, share your code for sending invitations and earn money.
  • Anonymity maintained- Personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will never be sold, reused, rented, loaned, or otherwise disclosed. This has drawn the attention of the public and improved participation without fear of cyber-related crimes.


Fair play and constant pushing force encourage the public to get drawn to various platforms depending on their interest. But for each company, it is not possible to stand out in all terms. But, it’s not astonishing to see how gaming apps like Real11 endeavor to do so and have never failed to meet the expectations of the public.

Download the Real11 app now. Whenever any industry needs a revolution, there is always someone whose brainchild brings out unprecedented ways to solve the prevalent issues. Real11 App is an example of this initiative. The full-proof services and their constant presence 24*7 for those who trust them are appreciable. A little enthusiasm and diligence on our part can do wonders.

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