Top Real Estate Digital Marketing Tools in 2020

Top Real Estate Digital Marketing Tools in 2020

The Real Estate business has been one of the most pivotal occupations since the beginning of human civilization. It is ever-expanding and unstoppable. Although, the process has undergone major transformations ever since digitalization has come to life. With technological advancement, real-estate businesses across the globe have gone completely online. Every aspect of the massive trading system has been digitalized. Since E-commerce has been a victorious stride, it is indispensable that you promote your brand in the digital space in order to boost your sales and increase customer affinity.

Various tools and applications available online can facilitate a smoother working-system of your business. Even though there are a million such tools available on PlayStore, we’ve shortlisted the top 5 digital marketing tools for your real-estate business.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Tools in 2020

  • Placester

Purveying a massive content library, email marketing, IDX websites, and comprehensive CRM especially for real-estate agents, Placester is a one-stop platform for all your digital marketing needs. It is economical and highly efficient. With digital marketing comes the process of showcasing your brand. You can now use various promo video templates to create your own promotional videos for Instagram, Facebook, and other such social media platforms to generate more audience engagement.

  • EZ Texting

When you want a successful business, you must aim at establishing a functional community for effective B2C communication. EZ texting promotes your brand through text, SMS, and email marketing. It provides alerts and notifications to home-hunters and expands your brand’s accessibility and reach to a wider clientele network.

  • Facebook live

Promoting your brand has never been easier before. Statistics show that social media marketing helps boost your business at a dynamic rate. An excellent platform for social media marketing is Facebook live. The relatively new function of Facebook facilitates you to host ads and promo videos for your brand in order to promote your brand in your social circle and beyond. Create marketing videos of the properties that are on sale and highlight your brand’s USPS by using a free Instagram video maker.

  • iStaging

iStaging is a popular online tool that allows you to capture 3-dimensional VR videos of your property using just your smartphone. You not only save money on elaborate video shoots but also enhance your online portfolio through iStaging. It enhances your business and increases sales by giving house-hunters the opportunity to view your properties in the comfort of their homes.

  • Hootsuite

This social media management tool understands the importance of establishing a social media presence for your brand. With Instagram, Facebook, and twitter taking overprinted or offline promotions, it is essential to increase brand awareness on social media. Hootsuite does the handwork for you by planning out and executing an error-free social media marketing strategy at an economical rate.

Digital marketing for your real-estate business has become all the more important as a massive segment of your target audience is active online. Most house-seekers hunt for properties online and compare many real-estate opportunities before making the crucial transaction. You can now make creative promotional videos for your social media channels with the help of promo video templates and increase your brand’s visibility. Here are a few important steps to stimulate successful digital marketing of your business.

Create your website

A website gives your clients a dedicated space to get in touch with you and know more about you. They can review your offers and deals on your website and also finalize contracts and deals with you on a secured platform that only you have access to. It increases your digital presence and gives you a chance to rank higher on Google Search Engine.

Create social media strategies

The most successful events are always backed by steel-strong strategies. You can write about the success of your business by strategizing the digital marketing process of your brand.

Execute effectively

Various social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and much more facilitate easy social media marketing. Use multi-channel platforms that are relevant to your business and run your ads to generate more sales and increase customer affinity. Keep creating promotional videos with the free Instagram video maker and win a larger chunk of the market share pie.

Analyze your performance

Follow up on your posts and videos on social media to record your audience engagement rate to enhance the process even further. Use google analytics to view your social media reach and work accordingly. You can also decide what type of content works better for your business and thus strategize more effectively.

Enhance your business

Digital marketing is a large endeavour that expands by every passing second. You must use it to your advantage so as to not be left behind. The conventional methods of real-estate marketing are long gone. It is important that your business resonates with the changing ecosystem. Give your business a digital flair and boost your sales drastically with minimal efforts.

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