TOP 5 Online Puzzles

TOP 5 Online Puzzles

Do you want to relax and get new impressions at the same time? Do you like to solve riddles and think outside the box? In this case, online puzzle games at Game Karma are the best solution for your leisure time.

No more searching for the right games, downloading, and installing them. Thanks to a convenient search and a detailed description, finding an interesting puzzle is very easy!

TOP 5 Online Puzzles

4 Two Dots

One of the most popular online games of the genre among fans of logic puzzles. Among its features are unique mechanics, increasing complexity, and nice graphics.

The main task of the user is to connect dots of the same color, after which, the figures disappear. As you progress through the game, the difficulty increases. New colors and shapes appear, and the player needs to carefully think through every move to connect as many dots as possible.

The conditions for passing the levels may differ. To win, the player must completely clear the space, remove dots of the same color, etc.

Adam and Eve

A legendary game that children and adults cannot resist. A large number of parts allows you to fully enjoy the adventures of the main characters and train your own resourcefulness.

The player needs to help Adam get to his beloved Eve as soon as possible. However, the protagonist constantly encounters various obstacles along the way. Numerous levels and original tasks will definitely not let you get bored. The closer the main character is to the goal, the more difficult the task. Fortunately, there is no time limit, which means that you will be able to cope with any traps.

Aztec Adventure

Who among us has not dreamed of going in search of the mysterious treasures of the Aztecs? Now, every user has this opportunity! But remember that success is a difficult task that is possible only with the help of well-coordinated teamwork.

Initially, the online game was an experimental project that appealed to gamers and critics. Here, you need to control two characters at once. Brave travelers will have to explore an abandoned city, meet terrible monsters, and overcome ingenious traps before reaching their cherished goal.

Blocks Jungle

The game belongs to the classic projects in which you need to remove blocks of the same color. But here, you have to complete tasks not in a nondescript abstract location but in a colorful jungle. This presentation makes the development popular among puzzle lovers around the world.

How to get maximum points and set new records? Try to remove all blocks on the screen. In this case, you often have to play with a time limit. The faster you cope with non-standard tasks, the more points the system will accrue.

Escape Room Mystery Word

Another classic representative of the genre is a game in which you need to get out of a closed space. It does not have colorful special effects or many characters. Players are captivated by the mysterious atmosphere and non-trivial tasks.

To win, you need to find artifacts and get out of the rooms. To do this, you will have to carefully study every centimeter of the room and look at the smallest details.

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