Top 5 low-costers: cities in Spain with affordable housing

Top 5 low-costers cities in Spain with affordable housing

Is it a myth or reality to find inexpensive apartments in Barcelona in the sunny Spanish Kingdom? In this selection, we have prepared for you 5 inexpensive cities in Spain, where you can buy good housing at an affordable cost.


Avila is a city with a rich historical value located in Castilla. Traditions and achievements of the modern world are amazingly combined in this place.

According to the latest research of the price market, now the cost per square meter in Avila is 1,130 euros. Life in Avila will be attractive for those who want a quiet and calm lifestyle away from the fuss. Residents have a special love for cookery. The air here is quite clean, and the quality of life is high.

Ciudad Real

Ciudad Real, known as the city of Don Quixote, has an average price per square meter of around 1,131 euros. This town pleases with a large selection of real property at affordable prices, but it has other advantages as well, among which it is worth highlighting the proximity to Andalusia, Valencia and Madrid and a wonderful climate at any time of the year.


Cáceres is a city with a rich historical component. This city is loved not only by foreign investors but also by the Spaniards themselves: they put it in third place after Barcelona and Madrid.

One of the main advantages of living in Caceres is its affordable real property prices. The average cost here is 1,136 € / m2. The city also charms with a mild climate and excellent service, and the level of education and medicine is also up to the mark here.


Cuenca is located in the heart of Spain and is known as the UNESCO World Heritage site.

In addition to its architectural splendor, the city also attracts with housing prices: the average cost is 1,146 € / m2. Also, the city has begun to provide more jobs in recent years, which has made it even more attractive for life.


If you want to live in Andalusia, but Sevilla and Malaga seem too noisy for you, just pay attention to Jaén – a small town with great taste and a high standard of living. The city has everything you need, while the distances are small, so it is very comfortable to move around here. The average price per square meter is around € 1,151.

Assistance in the selection of housing in Spain

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