Top 10 Small Scale and Profitable Business Ideas

Top 10 Small Scale and Profitable Business Ideas

Everyone wants to be their boss. And one way to make it possible is to have your own business. Even when not all of us have the capital for a large-scale enterprise, starting a small business can be a good starting point, and for that, you can apply for different types of business lines of credit or other forms of funding to get you started. Next, there are some small business ideas to help you decide.

Small Scale Business Ideas

  • Office and School Supplies

School and office supplies store can be a successful idea on a small scale level of business. The necessity for these products is all year long. So the chances of having hard business time is very less.

  • Mobile Store

A mobile store also is a small business with a possibly small investment and high returns. These days everybody owns a mobile. From a school kid to that retired neighbor of yours. This creates an all-time busy business on a small scale.

  • Food Truck

Food trucks are pretty successful and are gaining good response in small towns too. Food is a constant necessity, and business out of it can be successful. In India, especially food has a lot of variety; hence it is not difficult to do a small business out of it with less investment and higher profits.

  • Resume Writing

Resume writing also can be a good idea. In India, with the growing population, the no. of people on the run for jobs are also high. And to make an impression, a proper resume is vital. And if you are capable of making a decent resume, then your business idea is a success. A good amount of returns can be made, and the investment would be as mere as the advertisement cost. It can also be a small business that could run from home.

  • Travel Agency

India has a lot of places to visit, and tourists are always on a search for good travel agencies and tourist guides. This can be another small business idea with a high scope of success. Travel agencies that can provide a guide throughout the trip can be something for which tourists would pay quite a good amount.

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  • Food Delivery

Food Delivery

In a place like India, with the amount of traffic, people might often give up the desire to eat food outside. An idea to bridge this gap and travel problem while making money is food delivery. A tie-up can be made with restaurants or food centers. And food from the requested place can be delivered to the desired location of the customer.

  • Gym or Fitness Centre

These days for the lifestyle everyone follows, fitness has become an important thing to stay healthy. And people have started taking note of it, and hence the demand for gyms and fitness centers has increased. Gyms and fitness centers can be another small business idea for men. The right location can fetch you more profits too.

  • Matrimonial/Wedding Planning

One reason for which Indians spend a lot of money is for marriages. From finding the right bride or groom to getting them married, they spend without much hesitation. Hence a person who can be married to a wedding planner would be paid a decent amount. A marital and wedding planning is a great idea for low investment, and the client pays high return business as the amount of any requirement.

  • Catering

Catering services can be a successful business too. In every party or function, food is important. And if a good cuisine is conveniently catered, then people would opt it over troubling themselves. Catering can be a good small business idea for small towns also.

  • Rental Services

Rental services are also in a boom right now. Any rentals when it comes to that. Vehicles, gaming equipment, cameras, and whatnot. Room and house rentals are in existence for quite some time already. If the investment can be made, then the items can be bought. Otherwise, a bridge can be made between the customer and the owner. Rental services are another idea up the list.

  • Courier Company

Courier Company is another idea that has a good amount of requirements these days. Some businesses have constant transport necessities. Being a regular courier agent for such companies could be very profitable. Festivals can also be a good time for a busy time for these services in India. This is also a possibly successful small business idea.

  • Event Management

Event organizing is another business in demand. Events are going on now and then, and an efficient event organizer is very evident. And the investment is not much too. The client pays for the requirements. This can be a profitable small business idea.

  • Online Book Store

With the busy schedule these days, nobody has time to go down to a library or a bookstore to either borrow or buy books. And this can be a problem to which the solution could be a small business that can be run from home too. An online library or an online bookstore is an amazing idea for a small scale business. Books can be lent and delivered to the customer’s requested place and picked up from the same place.

  • Advertising Agency

One business that all the other small businesses need is an advertising agency. Every other company needs advertising to become popular and to gain a good number of customers. And these days, online advertising has more response, which makes it easier and comfortable to work from home too.

  • SEO Consultant

It has become a hobby for every other person to maintain a blog. And if someone wants theirs to stand out among all of them, they would reach out to an SEO consultant. A Search Engine Optimization consultant would be paid quite a good amount for their work as it is of demand these days. And even this can be a small business that could be done from home.

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