Top 10 Online Personality Tests to Learn More About Yourself

Top 10 Online Personality Tests to Learn More About Yourself

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Online personality tests can provide insight into various areas of your personal life and personality, including what the best career for you might be, what type of partner you are, and what you expect from others in your life. It can also provide insight into your emotional styles and opinions.

If you’re someone who loves to learn as much as possible about yourself and put labels on everything, you’ll likely love our picks for the top ten online personality tests to learn more about yourself.

Myers Briggs Test

Probably one of the most well-known personality tests that exist, the Myers-Briggs personality test is one used by psychologists and scholars worldwide to understand personality. You will be designated four personality characteristics, and they will combine to complete your overall personality type.

The site will give you a final result, as well as an in-depth report, all for free!

Enneagram Test

The Enneagram is a test made to categorize you into nine different personality types from type 1 to type 9. This test is very popular within Christian communities and is also popular for employers looking to understand the personalities of those they hire. If you like straightforward tests, this is a great option.

Online IQ Test

There are tons of free and paid versions of the online IQ test, and each is different. The only accurate IQ test is one performed by a licensed practitioner. However, you can still learn a lot about your mental capacity and learning styles by taking these fun online IQ tests to practice.

Love Languages Test

Ever wanted to know your personality type in a romantic relationship? The love languages quiz assigns you one of the five love languages (or more than one!), including:

  • Physical touch
  • Words of affirmation
  • Gift giving
  • Acts of service
  • Quality time

Take the quiz with your partner to see how your love languages differ. This quiz is great for those looking to enlighten themselves in love and learn more about the way they want to be treated. For example, those with the “acts of service” love language may appreciate the little things their partner does for them each day over a hug or spending time together.


If you want to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses in activities and certain hobbies, this test can give you insight. It will give you information on your biggest strengths, allowing you to plan toward the things you’re good at. It might give you some insight into a possible career as well.

Values and Morals Test

Want to learn more about what you value and what your morals are? This test is the one for you. With this test, you can learn more about the things that drive you and what is included in your moral code. You will get specific names for your values, and you can use them to outline your mission for your own goals in your life or even a company mission statement.

Human Metrics and Career Profile

This personality test assigns you possible career options based on your personality type and responses to the questions. Best of all, it’s free! The other unique part of this test is that it shows you which famous celebrities and historical figures share your personality type and which careers they had. If you’re looking for some guidance in your professional life, this test might shed some light on what you might be interested in.

Color Test

This personality test is a unique option for those looking to learn more about their emotional intelligence. In the test, you’ll pick the most appealing colors to you until only a few remain. Surprisingly, the colors you pick have an influence on your personality (or so they say!) You can learn more about your emotional intelligence and how you deal with emotions when they come to you.

The ACES Test

This test is not as fun as the others, but it can help you with your healing and learn more about why you might act a certain way as an adult. The test consists of questions about your childhood experience with your primary caregiver/s. In it, you’ll respond “yes” or “no” to a series of questions.

Depending on your answers, the test will let you know if it was possible that you were in an abusive household growing up. These answers can help lead you to possibly get help from a professional. In fact, many people who score high on the ACES quiz have CPTSD or PTSD.

Multiple Choice Rorschach Test

You’ve probably heard of the famous “inkblot test.” It’s a test where you look at a series of inkblots and look for images within them. It can give psychologists an idea of a diagnosis when you go in for psychological testing. However, the online version isn’t something that should be used as a diagnostic tool.

If you enjoy the online Rorschach test, you can try the in-person one with a licensed medical professional who knows how to read the results. The test is popular in diagnosing mental health conditions with hallucinogenic symptoms, like schizophrenia.

For personal use, you can use the test to learn more about your mind and how it works. Some of the online inkblot tests will give you potential diagnoses, but remember, you cannot get a real diagnosis from anyone except a trained professional.


If you like these ten personality tests, there are hundreds more online! Just search for the type of test you’re looking for, and you’ll likely find one! Although these tests are often not professional, and none are to be used as a substitute for a diagnosis or treatment, they can be a fun way to pass your afternoon.

If you want to learn more about personality in general, you can also read through BetterHelp’s advice column and blog, which has tons more information about how our personalities are formed. You can also learn about the different aspects of your personality in regard to other people. Check it out here:

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