Tips to track your online order packages

Tips to track your online order packages

When was the last time you ordered online? I must rephrase the question into when did you last visit a physical store? Online shopping is so prevalent that traditional retail is in trouble. Especially with COVID19, it’s now booming than ever. In this post, I’d like to discuss how to track your online orders more effectively.


Most eCommerce portals have their own tracking facility. Amazon tracking tool is one of the more advanced facilities in the market. But not every order is processed by their own logistics system. Some are processed by external courier companies too. Especially, most of the non-prime products are done that way.

For the scope of this blog post, I am taking the example of eCommerce sites in India. But it is usually the same cases in most other countries. When the seller ships via popular courier companies like DTDC, Bluedart, professional couriers, they provide a tracking number. Depending on the seller/site, maybe also a receipt like this:


If you buy the eCommerce site sold products or those handled by their delivery system (Like prime), you can just use their inbuilt tracking facility. It usually provides superior information and is more up to date. But for third-party sellers or sites like eBay, it’s much easier to use an all in one tracking tool.

One such popular tool is called Aftership. It provides a wide range of features. Another such tool is TrackmyCouriers. It supports different courier networks in India and abroad. For example, let’s say you want to track your order shipped through a professional courier. You can just visit this page professional tracking – to track it.

The advantage of using these tools is you can track multiple packages at once. And you don’t have to visit different websites for different carrier companies. They are all in one place and are usually very convenient to use. Some tools even have an email notification system to alert you once there is some update.

Thank you very much for reading this blog post. Hope you found it helpful.

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