Tips for renting a car to Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Tips for renting a car to Jaisalmer Desert Festival

I have worked in car rental companies for approximately four years and, since dealing with different companies, it has been a very good experience to understand how they run the business. I received some tips that may be useful for your next car rental experience since I know that almost everyone hates car rental. Read this article to avoid these “small impressions” and fraudulent companies.

Obtaining an OFFER:

You can always get a “much” cheaper price if you book in advance. Generally, more than 15 days in advance and, during busy holidays like Jaisalmer Desart Festival, make sure you have a reservation one month in advance.

  • Always rent the smallest car you can book, but big enough to fit. Most car rental companies do not have small cars 70% of the time, so the possibility of getting a free update is high. Again, make sure your book is large enough to accommodate your passengers and luggage.
  • Remember that the more you rent, the cheaper the price, it is a simple fact. Car rental companies hate keeping cars in their lot!
  • The weekend is always cheaper than during the week, just because they have more cars at their disposal.

A weekly rental is usually a good deal and most rental locations consider 5-7 days a week.

Car rental offices at the airport generally have much higher prices than those outside the airport. The reason is the rate that the airport charges you and them. Companies outside the airport do not need to go to the airport and most offer free transfers and arrivals to a nearby airport. (There are always car rental offices near any airport!)

The process:

Tips for renting a car to Jaisalmer Desert Festival2

  1. Remember, when you arrive at a rental location, they will try to charge you for everything possible. It is your business.
  2. One thing that most people don’t realize is that the agent behind the counter has the power to offer free updates! So be great!
  3. DO NOT sign before reading the contract. Working in one of the largest car rental companies in the Rajasthan, India. I saw that the contracts changed more than twice in three months! So, if you think about renting frequently and know what that contract says, think again!
  4. Always request a “complementary” update. If you are friendly and have many additional vehicles for that day, they will offer you a free update or maybe for a small fee.
  5. Be sure you understand the terms and coverage of the rental. Car rental insurance is often called different things in different companies. Call your own insurance company before declining the coverage of a car rental company.
  6. Some companies charge for additional drivers, ask if you have a second driver.

Again, sign the contract after reading everything and understanding the charges. Also, request an estimated total, as they will never provide an exact total.

Tips for renting a car to Jaisalmer Desert Festival

When you get to your car, check “everything” inside and out; Check the car key and remote control to see if there are broken parts, surround the car to make sure there are no scratches. If you find problems, dents or scratches, check if an employee or manager writes the contract and initializes it.

Check if the fuel tank is full if it should be full.

After the rental:

  1. Be sure to refuel if you have not paid the fuel in advance.
  2. Always request a receipt if you do not receive it.
  3. Review the final receipt and verify that it matches the original contract.

Like any other business, car rental companies are benefiting. It is your job to understand the terms and follow them to avoid paying additional fees. Enjoy your vacation!

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