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Thoptv Live Cricket

Live Cricket Streaming is the best way to watch your favorite cricket match on your device. The world cup is coming soon and we have all the latest news about it!

The Cricket World Cup is the international championship of Twenty20 cricket. The tournament, which is held every four years, was first held in 1975 and has been won by Australia (1987), India (1991), Pakistan (1993), England (2007) and Sri Lanka (2012).

The 2018 edition of the World Cup will take place from 15th May to 29th June 2018 in England and Wales.

Live Cricket Streaming

Live Cricket Streaming is a very popular way of watching cricket matches on the internet. You can watch live cricket streaming on any device like PC, Mobile and TV. Live Cricket Streaming is not only limited to PC but is also available on various other devices like laptops, Mobile phones, etc. If you want to watch live streaming of your favorite team then look no further than www.thoptvlivecricketstreamingonlinefreewatchlivecricketonlinewatchlivecricketonthegooglinemobilepc

Live Cricket Streaming on Mobile

Now that you know how to watch cricket on a computer, it’s time to learn about how you can watch live cricket streaming on mobile.

There are two ways of watching live international matches: by using your phone or tablet and by using a dedicated set of apps for each platform. If you want the best experience possible in terms of quality and speed, then we recommend going with these options.

Live Cricket Streaming on PC

To watch live cricket streaming on a PC, you need to install the Windows Media Player.

To install the Windows Media Player:

  • Click ‘Start‘, then type “Windows Media Player” in the search box at the bottom of your screen and press Enter or click on it if it is already highlighted.
  • When prompted with a confirmation message saying “Are you sure?”, choose Yes if you want to continue with this installation process; otherwise choose to Cancel so that you will not have any extra software installed on your computer unnecessarily!

Live Cricket Streaming on TV

You can watch live cricket streaming on TV. To do this you will need a TV that has an internet connection and an app called ‘YuppTV’ which is available for free on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

In order to start streaming your favorite cricket match, follow these steps:

  • Start the YuppTV app and enter your username/password if required (if you don’t know how to do this then click here).
  • Once logged in, go to the Live Cricket Streaming section in the Settings tab.
  • Select any channel from the channels list that suits your taste or choose one by clicking on the “Add Channel” button at the bottom left corner of the screen when scrolling down through all channels available on the Yupp TV website

the cricket world cup

The Cricket World Cup is a men’s international cricket tournament contested by the men’s national teams of the member countries of the International Cricket Council (ICC), organised in consultation with the ICC. It is one of ten test cricket series between nations that are full members and has been held since the first edition in 1975. The next World Cup will take place from 11 March to 29 April 2020 at Lord’s in London, England.

The first World Cup was organised in England in 1975, with all matches played as day/night test matches except for those involving Australia and West Indies who played their way through to the finals where they were beaten by India despite winning 7-0 at home.[3] Since then, there have been numerous changes to formats including increasing the number of teams; increasing the size of fields; dropping out players after a certain number of games; setting up new divisions within existing leagues, etc…

live cricket online

Live cricket streaming is a great way to watch the game, especially if you don’t have cable or satellite TV. There are many options for live-streaming cricket on your computer, mobile phone, and tablet–but it’s important to know what each option has to offer before choosing one over another.

the cricket world cup 2018

The cricket world cup is a major international cricket tournament that is held every four years to determine the best team in the world. The tournament was first contested in 1975 and has been played every four years since then. The latest edition saw England win their first World Cup title by defeating Australia in front of their home crowd at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham during this year’s final match on 14 July 2019 (which also happened to be T20 Internationals day).

The next edition will be held between 30 May – 14 July 2022 at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London where 8 teams will participate including hosts England along with earlier qualifiers New Zealand and Pakistan who were qualified through ICC’s Qualifier Tournament held earlier this year while Afghanistan and Ireland qualified via league stage matches played during last year’s T20I series hosted by England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) which ended with Ireland winning 5-2 against Pakistan under lights conditions on 27 June 2020 at Lords after playing four matches over 7 days period including two semi-finals each featuring 2 teams where they faced off against each other once again before deciding who gets first place trophy after beating South Africa 3-2 in the final match which took place around midnight hours but not before scoring 315 runs off 65 balls played off just 15 overs!

2018 world cup

The Cricket World Cup, or simply the World Cup, is a major international men’s cricket tournament held every four years. It began in 1975 and has been won by Australia three times (1983, 1999, 2003), England twice (1954 & 1986) and India once (2011). The first two tournaments were held in England; the third was played in Australia due to its proximity to New Zealand where many of their players live during winter months; while the 2010 event was hosted by India because it was closer than any other country that could host it.

The next Cricket World Cup will take place in 2023 when India hosts Pakistan for the first time ever on home turf!


The cricket world cup is a global sporting event that takes place every four years to determine the best national cricket team in the world. The first tournament was held in England in 1864 and since then it has been held every two years until 2015 when it was moved to Australia due to concerns about security.

This year’s tournament will be hosted by England from June 1st through July 14th, with final matches being played at Lord’s Cricket Ground on July 14th (who will play India).


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