Things You Need to Consider Before Hiring Data Destruction Company

Things You Need to Consider Before Hiring Data Destruction Company

Data is, without a doubt, the most valuable business asset today. To appreciate the importance of data, consider that global big data revenues will hit $274.3 billion by 2022. But as data rises to prominence, another challenge emerges as organizations grapple with how to secure their data. Data security threats are on the rise and in Asia, research shows the average organisational cost of a data breach in ASEAN at S$3.6 million.

One innovative solution to the data threat is effective data destruction. This process involves practices such as data sanitization and data erasure for data stored in any media. The aim is to ensure such data is completely unreadable and no one can access or use it for unauthorized purposes.

If your business is after an efficient records and data management strategy, hiring a data destruction company should top your list of options. This option helps avoid loss of intellectual property from end-of-life IT equipment, compliance violations, lawsuits, criminal charges, or fines or penalties against your business.

But how do you choose the best data destruction company? This post explores some factors you should consider.

Consider Expertise and Experience

If you want to manage the data destruction process effectively, don’t compromise on the quality of services you choose. An experienced data destruction company that has been in the business for some time has the expertise, resources and technology for the job. Such companies have a reputation to protect and they go to great lengths to deliver exceptional services to stand out in the competitive industry.

A good example is SPW data destruction services with experience going back two decades. Such an organisation has built its resources and has the right personnel to handle the data destruction process professionally. There’s no second guessing with an experienced data management company.

Such organizations have seen new technologies emerge in data technology and they are trendsetters in the adoption of such innovative solutions. Better still, you can easily check out for referrals from other clients who have worked with an experienced data destruction company. Another advantage of long-running companies is the certification they carry from leading agencies. The companies go through detailed audits before receiving certifications.

 Check the Data Destruction Package

Every data destruction company leverages innovative technologies to carry out this critical role in data management. When you compare different data destruction companies, ask for their modus operandi to determine if they fit your company’s needs.

The best service providers use a combination of physical methods and software in data destruction. Some approaches to look out for including data erasure, shredding, basic reformatting, military-grade re-wiping, puncturing, melting, degaussing, burning, and crushing to mention a few.

The best data destruction company provides a diverse range of solutions to suit any client. Some of your data destruction needs are best solved with physical means while others require advanced software.

During initial consultations, ask how the company carries out the destruction to guarantee there’s no loophole in the process. Handling any equipment or materials in your care should be under stringent security through strict security procedures. The service provider should have an audit system in place to report on the operations and steps involved.

If a data destruction company doesn’t want to share its mode of operation, don’t risk using its services. The last thing you want is a faulty data management process that might compromise your organization.

Look for Tailored Data Destruction Solutions

There’s no one-fits-all data destruction package. SPW enterprise package for instance caters to different clients’ needs. When you compare data destruction companies, look for a flexible provider who tailors their services to suit your needs.

For instance, the company can offer on-site or plant-based data destruction based on your needs. They can also agree on a one-off service or ongoing data management solutions. This is one of the first questions you ask when requesting a data destruction estimate.

Sustainable Data Destruction

Everyone has a role to play in environmental conservation and for this reason, you should go for a data destruction company that offers sustainable solutions. Most of the electronic equipment used in data storage requires specialized handling and disposal.

When you hire a data management company, consider one which has the resources and expertise to properly dispose of any waste. Ask the company where the waste ends up after the process and follow up on such claims. The last thing you want is bad publicity about poor waste disposal linked to your company.


Data management is a sensitive issue and can lead to legal problems if poorly handled. In data destruction, your service provider must ensure compliance with industry standards. Compliance laws come into play when handling client data in industries such as healthcare, hospitality, financial services, education and others. Talk to the data destruction company and confirm they comply with industry requirements before you use their services.

Final Thoughts

With big data now a reality, data generation is at its highest levels ever and you have this sensitive asset carefully. Whether you want to dispose of data storage equipment or written materials, make sure you use professional services. These tips will help you find the right data destruction service to work with.

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