The excellent Michael Holding

The excellent Michael Holding

Many excellent cricket players have come from the Caribbean region. Depending on the specific country where they come from, they can have the chance to play on the West Indies team. A very popular bookmaker online is 1xBet, and those who support the West Indies cricket team can place wagers on all its matches.

Among the best players to ever be part of this squad, it is possible to find the name Michael Holding. He played as a pace bowler and is considered one of the best specialists in that position in the entire history of the game.

Holding was a physically big player. Being 1.92 meters tall, he was capable of taking advantage of his height by making bowls that bounced in an unpredictable manner. All of this helped his team to obtain some great success in the international arena. A popular and attractive online bookmaker is 1xBet, and it features all the matches of the West Indies, where punters can make all kinds of wagers.

The Whispering Death

Michael Holding, who was born in Jamaica, received the nickname “Whispering Death” early in his career. The reason for that was his bowling technique. Specifically, he ran into the bowling crease in a very silent manner. After doing that, he threw the ball into his opponents, making the very famous bowls for which he is largely known for. Fans can visit – online IPL betting, which besides this competition, also features multiple other cricket tournaments.

Holding played internationally for the West Indies between 1975 and 1987. However, he was not the only excellent bowler that the team had during those years. Other great names that did the same job were:

  • Andy Roberts;
  • Sylvester Clarke;
  • Wayne Daniel;
  • and Malcolm Marshall.

All of them were quite deadly and effective on the field. For this reason, the West Indies team obtained some great results during the 1970s and 1980s. The IPL and many other cricket competitions are available for online betting at the 1xBet website, which offers pre-match and live options.

A career full of records

Michael Holding broke some records early in his career. The most notable one is the best bowling figure among any West Indies player. Whenever great players from the West Indies or anywhere else in the world are playing, you can bet on them on the site.

Specifically, in 1976, he took 14 wickets for 149 runs. Those records have stood there for more than half a century.

On the domestic front, Holding played for different teams in England and Australia. All the squads where he played at some moments are available on the 1xBet website. Some of these teams include Lancashire, Tasmania and Derbyshire.

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