Why Study MBBS in Abroad?

Why Study MBBS in Abroad

India is a country of low doctor to patient ratio. As against the WHO recommended average of 1:1000 doctor to population ratio, India has a 1:10,189 rate, meaning deficit of over 600,000 doctors. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of aspirants, but medical education infrastructure isn’t developed enough to produce doctors in such huge numbers in a short period. The latest data suggest that 1.3 million aspirants were competing for 72,000 seats across India, meaning 22 students for every position.

The extreme competition makes it nearly impossible for aspirants to crack the entrance exam, leaving a million broken hearts every year. The sheer number of aspirants indicates that medicine is one of the most popular career choices, but the journey to be an MBBS ends before even a start. There are 494 the Medial Council of India (MCI) recognized institutions in India, and there are 407 institutes across the globe recognized by MCI to pursue MBBS courses.

If you couldn’t clear the entrance exam, you have an option of private medical colleges, but it is beyond the reach of the average middle class to get admission. If you compare it with MBBS institutes abroad, you have several world-class options available at a very affordable fee structure. You have benefits of global exposure and state-of-art learning facilities. There is no doubt that several students are opting to pursue MBBS course abroad and countries are welcoming Indian students.

Benefits of Pursuing an MBBS from Abroad:

First of all, you fulfill your dream to be a doctor and serve people in the purest form. There are several advantages to pursuing an MBBS degree from abroad. Here are some of the benefits you will avail while pursuing the MBBS course abroad:

Benefits of Pursuing an MBBS from Abroad:

Freedom from Cutthroat Competition:

Competition is good, but not at the cost of killing your dream. MBBS from aboard keeps you away from the NEET ranking headache. You won’t have to waste precious years in preparing for the entrance exam. Although it is mandatory to appear in NEET entrance exam for admission in MCI approved medical colleges globally, you have to face considerably low competition. With low ranks, the medical colleges you will get in India stands nowhere close to global institutes, so you have an advantage of quality.

Low-Cost Matters:

If you are lucky to secure a good rank, then Indian medical institutes are far cost-effective. But, if you compare private colleges in India, where you have to pay in the range of Rs 4 to 6 million, with MBBS institutes abroad are more affordable. You can get quality medical education in countries like China, Russia, or the Philippines in less than Rs. 3 million. Except for the U.S. and the U.K. colleges, where the cost could be above Rs. 6 million, rest all destinations are price competitive as compared to Indian colleges.

No Worry of Capitation Fee:

In India, private medical colleges charge exorbitant capitation fees apart from the regular MBBS course fee. Whereas in MBBS courses abroad you won’t have to worry about the capitation fee as you have to pay upfront. Interestingly, several medical institutes offer scholarships for bright students.

Quality of Medical Education:

You have the most significant advantage of quality education in medical institutes abroad. Since you are going to MCI recognized institutes, you won’t have to worry about Indian regulatory standards. The state of art infrastructure, along with advance regulatory standards, makes you global healthcare professional.

Global Exposure:

The exposure to the international community equips you with skills that you won’t generally learn in domestic colleges. You will be studying with students from several countries so that you will learn about a variety of medical conditions and experiences.

Learn and Earn:

If regulatory provisions permit, you can sponsor your education as you will have ample opportunities to earn. A little bit of money could be of great help for your parents as you won’t be dependent on then for monthly expenses.

Best Countries for Indian Students to Study MBBS Course:

Almost all countries have institutions that offer MBBS course for domestic as well as international students. Unfortunately, all destinations are not suitable for Indian students as you have to abide by MCI regulations related to entrance examinations. Some countries like the US, Canada, Australia, France, Singapore, and Malaysia have their entrance exams for the MBBS course, and all of them have different eligibility criteria like the U.S. requires you to be a graduate to be eligible for MBBS entrance exam.

If you are looking for countries free of entrance exam barriers, then you have options of Germany, China, Russia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. These countries offer quality MBBS education at relatively low cost and have a simple admission process.

Some of the favorite MCI recognized universities for MBBS course are:

  • China

    • Wuhan University
    • Ningbo University
    • Jiangsu University
  • Germany

    • Philipps University
    • Humboldt University
    • University Heidelburg
  • Russia

    • Ryazan State Medical University
    • Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
    • Russian National Research Medical University
  • The Philippines

    • Bicol Christian College of Medicine
    • Angeles University Foundation
    • AMA School of Medicine

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Education Abroad:

The eligibility criteria for an MBBS course vary from country to country and institution to institution. You have to do micro research or seek advice from experts regarding institute specific eligibility, especially for MCI recognized universities. These are some primary eligibility that you will have to fulfill to get admission to an MBBS course abroad.

  • The minimum age requirement for pursuing MBBS course abroad is 17 years.
  • You must have completed class 12th with Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English subjects.
  • Your minimum score of these subjects should be at least 50%.
  • Here is the new eligibility for MCI recognized MMBS colleges abroad. You have to appear and clear the NEET for admission in MCI approved colleges.

All are great as far as pursuing the MBBS course abroad is concerned. However, it would be best if you cross-checked whether the college is MCI recognized or not, and they have a proper practical training program.

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