Smart technologies for a smart kitchen

Smart technologies for a smart kitchen

A smart kitchen is not as difficult and expensive as it may seem at first glance. Today, both professional chefs and ordinary housewives can afford to equip a place for cooking with various smart gadgets. Read more at cookingtopgear.

Smart Home Appliances for Smart Cooking

Technical progress has gone so far today that no one is surprised by the various smart devices that surround us in everyday life. But not everyone knows that your kitchen can become smart if you make some effort and equip the kitchen with smart gadgets. Smart home appliances save not only time but also electricity, which, of course, can reduce the burden on the family budget. And cooking in a smart kitchen is much easier and more enjoyable.

But the most important and surprising thing is that you can control the kitchen appliances and the cooking process remotely, that is, from a completely different place. The fact is that most smart home appliances for the kitchen have Internet access. This allows you to turn on and off, as well as adjust the modes of operation of smart kitchen appliances using any mobile device, regardless of how far the cook is directly from the kitchen itself.

What is a smart kitchen appliance?

The list of devices with the prefix “smart” today can include almost any of the well-known representatives of kitchen appliances. Therefore, we present to Your attention the most popular, smart technique that can facilitate cooking.

Smart refrigerator

The possibilities of modern smart refrigerators are much bigger than their traditional counterparts. Because they can not only store food at the necessary temperature for long storage but also perform many additional functions. For example, almost all models of smart refrigerators have a control panel with advanced features, which allows the refrigerator to independently monitor the shelf life of products, perform timely disinfection of the camera or perform self-diagnostics. Also, many smart refrigerators have built-in other kitchen appliances, such as coffee makers.

Smart Kettle

A fairly functional kitchen appliance, capable of many additional features that are not available for conventional electric kettles. For example, smart kettles can maintain the desired temperature throughout the day, communicate with the owner via the Internet by sending messages to their smartphone, turn on/off remotely or at a pre-set time, and so on.

Smart coffee maker

A coffee lover’s dream – this is how you can call a smart kitchen appliance called a smart coffee maker. The possibility of remote control allows the owner to prepare a favourite drink before coming to the kitchen. The device will inform its owner about the readiness of coffee by sending a message to the smartphone. In addition, modern smart coffee makers have a stylish design and perfectly complement the interior of the kitchen.

Smart multi-cooker

Modern models are also equipped with a pressure cooker function. This allows you to prepare various delicious and original dishes remotely, as well as significantly reduce the cooking time. This means that it reduces power consumption. This smart kitchen gadget stores a lot of different recipes in its memory, which allows you to create real culinary masterpieces for people who absolutely do not know how to cook.

Smart Steamer

The intelligent steamer is equipped with a control panel with advanced features. The functionality of this device allows you to set the time of switching on and off, select cooking modes, including the mode of maintaining the desired temperature of the cooked food, control the cooking process using a mobile device.

Smart bread maker

A smart bread maker not only bakes bread or other pastries by a certain time but also makes all the necessary preparations, including kneading the dough and heating the sourdough. You can control the smart bread maker, as well as other smart kitchen appliances, remotely, completely controlling the baking process through your mobile device. Smart bread makers have different operating modes and store many different baking recipes in their memory.

Smart fryer

Many people like French fries, but don’t want to cook them themselves. This is especially true for boiling and splashing the oil in all directions. Now you can forget about all these inconveniences. After all, the preparation of delicious potatoes will take a smart fryer, which does without the presence of the owner at all. Many models of smart fryers use Rapid Air technology, which allows you to cook French fries using hot air, rather than boiling oil.

Other appliances to complement a smart kitchen

There are many auxiliary gadgets that perfectly complement existing kitchen equipment, greatly simplifying some stages of cooking. Such smart devices include pasta quantity meters, spoons with built-in scales, or, for example, dishwashing sponges with a built-in tank for washing liquid. Let’s look at some of these life hacks in more detail.

Fruit and vegetable dryer

In other words, it is a dehydrator. It can be very useful for daily use. Since the device is not only able to dry vegetables, herbs, and fruits, but also pre-wash them. However, the special value of the dehydrator is acquired during the annual procurement of products in the cold season and will be a good assistant for creating the necessary vitamin reserve.

Power supply fork

The device runs on batteries, and this unusual gadget is used for convenient twisting of spaghetti. Such a battery fork will be especially appealing to the youngest pasta lovers.

Marshmallow fryer

A lot of people (especially kids) love fried marshmallows. Thanks to this device, you can easily and quickly prepare your favourite delicacy, without having to build a traditional fire.

Pan with partitions

Perfect for small cafes and eateries, as well as home cooking, when you need to simultaneously prepare several ingredients. It significantly saves time and energy.

Portable coffee machine

Another name for this amazing device is a pocket coffee maker, which does not require electricity to prepare a flavorful drink. It allows you to make a cup of freshly brewed coffee, wherever you are. Such rather unusual helpers will surely delight any hostess, so they are often chosen as a gift.

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