Secure a Job as a Data Warehouse Developer via Microsoft Exam 70-463 Using Exam Dumps

Secure a Job as a Data Warehouse Developer via Microsoft Exam 70-463 Using Exam Dumps

Are you looking for a thriving IT job? Look no further because you can pursue a career in data warehouse and transform into an in-demand data warehouse developer! Sounds exciting, right? But before you become one, you have to go through some steps, which include getting certified.

Data Warehouse Developer via Microsoft Exam

Having a certification like that of Microsoft is more than just earning an upmarket badge. It’s a positive manifestation of both your knowledge and technical skills in a specific IT sector. In case you already have some expertise in implementing a data warehouse with the Microsoft SQL Server. You just want to level up and validate your competencies then the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 certification is just for you. Let’s learn more about this credential and also observe one of its required exams, which are 70-463 by code.

Data Warehousing Overview

Before anything else, let’s have a quick introduction to data warehousing, or sometimes known as DW. This is the process of collecting data and managing it to give useful insights to the business. Data warehouse, in particular, is a fundamental feature of the Business Intelligence system, which primarily deals with data analysis and day-to-day reporting. It’s considered the leading hub of everything related to data as it houses and delivers essential information to improve business operations. Because of its eminent value to organizations, employers hire specific individuals who can efficiently handle data warehouse tasks and provide the needs of business entities—a database warehouse developer in a Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 environment.

Effectively Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2012/2014

If you want to hone your abilities in data warehousing, you can opt to earn the MCSA certification in SQL Server 2012/2014. This credential allows you to expand your knowledge about crucial data warehouse development. Let’s not keep you waiting as we give you the list of the skills you’ll earn with the Microsoft exam 70-463, which is one of the three contests of the MCSA, as mentioned above credential.

The first domain covered by this exam involves the questions related to various data dimensions and fact tables. This is where you will acquire painstaking knowledge of creating and implementing features such as hierarchies, attributes, snowflake schema, aggregation tables, and the like. Then, the test covers aspects like extracting, transforming, and loading data as well as SSIS solutions and data quality solutions.

For the tasks of loading data, you will come across topics such as control flow, package logic, script mechanisms, and data load options. SSIS solutions are also part of the exam scope, by which you learn to install, maintain, deploy, and configure these functionalities properly. Lastly, you will nurture your proficiency in creating quality solutions as well as presenting the knowledge of connection managers, SSIS package execution, data flow, and script tasks.

Earn Your MTA Credential and Load YourWorkExperience

Though not a requirement, it’s best that you furnish yourself with at least one MTA credential before jumping aboard the MCSA certification route. This is the most strategic way to have an in-depth understanding of the data warehouse and its related functionalities. With your foundational skills, it will be less stressful when studying for the exam. As of this writing, the exam 98-364, or the MTA in Database Fundamentals, is the closest option for the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014.

Aside from having an MTA certification, your work experience gives you a better advantage. It is noted on the Microsoft website that the candidates for the 70-463 exam should have practical skills in providing Business Intelligence solutions, implementing a data warehouse, Extract Transform Load, and data cleansing. Learning shouldn’t be limited to books, courses, exam guides, and mock tests. The practical application of your skills is way more beneficial.

Complete the Other MCSA Required Exams

Remember, exam 70-463 is just one of the three required assessments to secure the MCSA in SQL Server 2012/2014. Thus, exam 70-461 is the verification of your aptitude in writing SQL queries. The Microsoft 70-462 exam, on the other hand, is the way to check your mastery in crucial administration tasks, including installation, storage, configuration, and upkeep of data.

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Of course, everyone wants to pass their certification exam in just one take. Therefore, you have to be serious about your preparation. Make use of free vce files from and learn the ins and outs of exam 70-463. The records are called exam dumps because these are given by people who have already taken the certification exam. Simply said, these are a collection of real exam questions and answers. Want something more? Then upgrade your studies with the Premium Bundle from ExamSnap. Thus, you’ll receive an expert-verified exam dump, a training course, and a study guide for the 70-463 exam at an affordable price of just $39,97.

Notice that these files will also sharpen your grasp about the exam. This is because you should use them in a particular software — the VCE Player, which was created as a tool that mirrors the real test environment. So, you’ll see the question formats, get used y2meta to time limits and work more on your weak areas.

Act Fast Before It’s Too Late!

After the 31st of January 2021, exam 70-463 will no longer be available. It will be retired on the said date, at precisely 11:59 PM, Central Standard Time. So, if you want to become a data warehouse developer, earn your MCSA certification as soon as possible!

Once you acquire your Microsoft credential, it will be a valid representation of your skills in data warehousing throughout your career. Unlike some badges from other organizations, Microsoft certifications do not expire, which means they are valid for life! But of course, you have to be updated with the relevant changes involving the industry. Hence, you have to stay current with your knowledge and skills through acquiring the latest certifications in the market.


The fast-changing IT landscape has a significant impact on working with data. It means that businesses, especially the large ones, must employ individual professionals who can effectively work with the original and sophisticated data features. Wrapping everything up, passing the Microsoft exam 70-463, and earning the proper MCSA certification seemingly gives a more significant advantage compared to those without the said credential. So, don’t waste your time: schedule the required exams, download reliable exam dumps and make a massive step to boosting your IT career!

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