SBI online bank account opening with zero balance

SBI online bank account opening with zero balance

Any person can open this account, provided he/she has valid KYC documents. Mainly designed helping lower-income sections of society to start saving without any burden of fees or charges. Even with a Zero balance, you can open and maintain a State Bank of India (SBI) Basic Savings Bank Deposit (BSBD) account.

Also known as the zero balance account, any person can open the SBI Basic Savings Bank Deposit account if he/she has the required Know-Your-Customer (KYC) documentation. SBI’s zero balance account is explicitly meant to create the lowest income segments of the population to start collecting at no expense or charge.

SBI online bank account opening with zero balance

Everything you need to know about SBI’s balance account with zero.

  • The account of SBI zero balance savings may be opened either individually or with the surviving Member.
  • The zero-balance SBI saving account is compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC). Branch office-based bank transactions are approved until full KYC has been completed, it clearly noted.
  • The savings account is only opened on one basis. This means the bank account can only be owned by one person.
  • The minimum number of balances to maintain is zero.
  • Indian residents over the age of 18 will open the SBI’s Insta Savings Account. “The plan is without existing SBI partnerships with new clients,” the state bank had said.

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  • Businesses looking to set up an SBI Insta Bank account, he said, need an Aadhaar between a corresponding phone number and a PAN card.
  • An SBI zero balance current account, or SBI basic state bank transfer (BSBD), receives a certain fixed interest rate just like every other savings account.
  • Basic RuPay ATM-cum-debit card will be issued free of charge for an SBI zero balance savings account, and no yearly maintenance fee will be applied.
  • Clients can use this bank card for purchases cash from ATMs or any other banks in the SBI group.
  • SBI levies no charge on inoperative zero balance accounts. There are no account closing fees or anything like that.
  • While the customer might have an account with zero balance savings SBI, the customer should not have any other account with Savings Bank.
  • Whether the user has any additional savings account, the account will be closed inside 30 days of opening a Quick Savings Bank account or Zero balance account.
  • As per the SBI’s website, a maximum of four withdrawals are allowed in a month’s zero balance account, including self-contained ATM how can i generate sbi atm pin by sms withdrawals and other bank ATMs and transactions through other mode like RTGS/NEFT/bank money withdrawal/transfer/online deposit/standing guidelines/EMI, etc. No additional customer debits during the month are permitted.



  • Creating new accounts in all branches.
  • It starts with Zero balance in the SBI account.
  • There is no limit balance in the SBI account.
  • No facilities available for Cheque Book.
  • Cash withdrawals only using the Branches withdrawal process or via Atm machines.
  • It provided a standard ATM-cum-debit RuPay card.
  • Rate of interest as applied to the account of SBI Regular Savings Bank.
  • Almost all cash transactions and accounts deposits are service costs-free.
  • Legal maximum of 4 withdrawals is allowed in a month.

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Fees and Charges

  • In a month there is no charge for four transactions.
  • There no costs for closing the account.
  • No penalty once again for inoperative account activation.
  • No maintenance fees per annum.
  • Again there is no deposit/collection fee for central / state checks.
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