Everything You Need to Know About Professional Employer Organizations

Everything You Need to Know About Professional Employer Organizations

Are you in the midst of figuring out whether or not working with professional employer organizations is for you?

If you are a business owner, you may have heard of professional employer organizations (PEO) before. These companies serve as the employer of a business’s employees and provide them with human resources services.

For some, this can be a great assistance. Having another organization share liability and responsibilities often helps businesses–especially small ones–survive.

But what, exactly, do professional employer organizations do?

We’ll answer this question below. Keep reading to learn more about professional employer organization services!

What Are Professional Employer Organizations?

So, what are professional employer organizations?

Professional employer organizations provide human resource services to businesses. They enter into agreements with companies that essentially leases the company’s employees to the PEO. In turn, the PEO provides human resources services to the business.

These services include hiring and recruitment, payroll, taxes, employee benefits, and other key necessities. They allow you to remain in control of the day-to-day operations of your organization while helping you with necessary tasks for which you may not have the time or the knowledge to do.

A List of PEO Tasks

So, what other tasks do PEO organizations usually undertake?

In addition to hiring and recruitment, taxes, payroll, and employee benefits, they also perform training and onboarding for new employees. This helps new hires adjust to their new role more quickly and provide excellent work to your company.

They make sure you remain legally compliant as well. They select insurance plans, manage safety programs and ensure you remain OSHA-compliant, and oversee 401(k) details and any matching contributions your company makes.

Professional employer organizations also make certain you have COBRA in place for any employees who might depart the company. If you are too small to qualify for COBRA, they will help you with any other insurance policies.

They take care of workers’ compensation as well and handle your company’s liability insurance.

Who Can Use Professional Employer Organizations?

If you’re considering hiring professional employer organizations, you might wonder whether or not you need one. Who benefits from working with a PEO, and should you sign a contract with them?

Many small businesses benefit from using a professional employer organization. In particular, companies that don’t have the funds to hire a full HR team benefit from working with a PEO. Companies that work with PEO teams often get health care and other benefits at a cheaper price.

So, if you struggle to afford benefits for your employees, PEO organizations are often great options.

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Ready to Work with a PEO?

Are you ready to work with professional employer organizations?

Professional employer organization services often provide necessary work to companies who need human resources help. They assist you with a variety of HR tasks, including hiring, recruiting, payroll, taxes, and safety compliance.

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