Aadhar card is the unique identification authority of India which possessed by all the Indians irrespective of age and gender. In every country, there is a Unique Identification card to identify their fellow citizens in the motherland. Aadhar card is the UIDAI that is given and approved by India, which helps to roam in India. Aadhar card is available in the online and physical card is sent to your address in Aadhar card. E- Adhar Card is available, which you can download from the official website, and masked Aadhar card is available to share others in which Aadhar card details are hidden. The password protects downloaded E-adhar card for security reasons, and passwords various based on personal names.

Download E-Aadhar Card From Online

These are simple steps to download Aadhar card from online through a 12-digit number. You can also check the status and update of the Aadhaar card online from the website. Follow these steps to download Aadhar card from the official website online.

  • Open the Official website for downloading the Aadhar card. Open the
  • Click on the download Aadhar option on the website which is appearing in the page middle section. Enter the 12-digit number in the blank space and fill the captcha verification. Click on the send OTP option below.
  • You will be receiving the OTP to the mobile number registered in the Aadhar. Enter the OTP in the blank above, as shown in the image.
  • Click on the option, verify, and download. Once the option is clicked, then OTP will be confirmed, and Aadhar card will download to your pc.

Download E-Aadhar Card From Online

  • You can download the masked Aadhar card(hide the detail and give only limited information) and the original Aadhar card from the website. Just tick the masked Aadhar card from the before clicking the option of send OTP.
  • Aadhar card download in the pc or mobile will be opened through pdf format, and it is protected with a password.
  • Aadhar card has personal information, and it needs to be secured through the password.

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Benefits Of E-Aadhar Card

Here are we are going to give you the benefits of Aadhar card and Government of India is slowing start increase the importance of Aadhar card spreading the awareness through identification in India. The unique identification authority of India is mandatory throughout India to provide various schemes from the Government like women’s welfare, agriculture, banking, health, and floods victims schemes, etc.

Whenever we lost your Aadhar card, you can visit the official website and download the Aadhar card. E-Aadhar card is applicable in every place, like easy to show the details, send to others while applying the banking and verification process. If you have downloaded an e-Aadhar card, then you need to enter the password. Without Aadhar card, you cannot avail of any Government schemes and subsidies.

REACH DIRECTLY THROUGH AADHAR: Directly Through Aadhar card in download, an E-Aadhar card through UIDAI link relevance to Aadhaar means that through linking your Aadhaar to your bank accounts, you can get the more benefits from the Government through various schemes and subsidy policies. These schemes can increase the Government approach India every corner by linking the Aadhar card to the bank account.

Attendance using Biometric: The Biometric attendance system in our offices can also be linked to our Aadhaar card. It will help you in the arrival timings and absent, irregular public officers will reduce the major issues in the government jobs.

SPECIAL USE OF AADHAR CARD: if you’re holder Aadhar card, you can expect better results than others. The Government is pushing boundaries very hard to register the Aadhar card for everyone in the country. It is mandatory for all the Indian to have Aadhar card to fly and visit the other countries need the Indian Passport holders. Recently, the Government has raised the reported that the Ministry of External affairs wants to reduce the paperwork and increase digital format way by linking an individual’s Aadhaar with his/her passport. Aadhar connected bank account will increase more chances to directly deposit the money through bank accounts and reduce government involvement in dealing with people’s money.

Moreover, the recent telecommunication network department wants to establish a connection through the Aadhaar card that they were planning to link a sim card with Aadhar card and reduce the fake calls from unknown users. Without Aadhar card, we can’t get a sim card in the market now. Without the Aadhar card linking program sim cards will be deactivated in the network.

Election commission of India started a mission to connect the Aadhar card to Voter card with an Electronic photo Id card for every person in the nation. Some of the other facilities include unemployment benefit scheme, public subsidy scheme, domestic LPG, MGNREGA and crop insurance scheme. This system can develop the Indian nation by the voting system by linking the Aadhar card through the voter card and ration card so that they can reduce the duplicates and faking voting system in the Government.

Government Fund Organisation: The Government has planned to give money for unemployed through an organization that provides unemployed scheme Fund services to Indian employees and started raising the economic status of the unemployed people connecting their Provident Fund accounts being directly linked to the account holder’s Aadhaar. Also, the Government has now become a part of the UIDAI registrar and it has the ability to give Aadhar numbers to the provident fund to subscribers.

Steps to Open Aadhar Card Password

Aadhar card is protected by the password and helps you to keep secure in the details from the other. Aadhar card is opened by the specific password and opened in the PDF format. Aadhar card pdf is protected by the 8-digit, which has a combination of letters to open the pdf file.

Download E-Aadhar Card From Online

Aadhar card is a valid proof for the person in the nation. Aadhar card has the encryption pdf file with a password. Aadhar file will be opened by entering the password, which is the combination of 8-digit. Aadhar card will password based on the name and date of birth. For suppose you have the name of “JANA” and Date of birth “1988“. Here the password will be jana1988

Example: NAME: SIVA DOB:1968


This is the way to open the Aadhar card password, and it is merely to open the Aadhar card. Follow these steps to look forward and open the Aadhar card, and you can remove the Aadhar card password. Aadhar card will be opened in the pdf format, and the password will accept there.

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