What to Consider When Getting Mobile Phone Plans for Your Employees

What to Consider When Getting Mobile Phone Plans for Your Employees

Attractive goods and services, inviting sales pitches, and a realistic project strategy—these are essential things you need to kickstart your business, or maybe even let an existing business grow. But is this enough? What you need is to keep up with the times. Today, getting your employees and yourself reliable mobile phone plans is one of the things your business will need.

And no, it is not a statement of your company’s economic standing, but a key instrument that will bring your business the traffic it needs. Think about it; all your competitors and clients are using smartphones, too. So, among the many mobile phone plans offered by telecommunication services, how do you know which one is right for your business? Here are the factors to consider.

Company Size

If you are handling a small business or just starting, a simple plan that is supposedly personal may be acceptable. This plan is ideal for companies with only a few employees. But once your business grows, you might want to rethink this.

In this case, you might want to think about mobile phone plans with options for unlimited texts and calls and increased data coverage. You also might want to look for package deals where you could get discounts for multiple lines.


Depending on your business line, you could look for service providers that offer a certain level of security. If you expect your employees to store a lot of company information on their phones, you could ask your provider to get you a plan with some form of data encryption feature.

Network Coverage

Aside from serving its purpose, this would save you the time of researching and paying separately.

Considering the nature of your business, ask yourself how much coverage your mobile phone plans need to have. Will your employees be travelling a lot? If so, will they be going to other countries as well? Are your clients located in remote areas or near residential areas? With these questions, your company can decide the best-suited plans.

Data and Hotspot Capabilities

Ideally, business plans should have more mobile data than what you have projected. Again, this brings up how often your employees leave the office to visit a client or a supplier.

At some point, they will also most probably need to use a hotspot. Consider looking for a plan that offers multiple device connections and a hotspot with a fast and secure connection.

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Hardware Inclusions

This will not be your priority, but you can consider hardware inclusions as your employees need them. It includes items like headsets and power banks. Once again, you need to consider the roles of your employees. If you have a customer service team, they might need headsets when answering calls to make it easier for them. Should your sales team need power banks to let their phones run throughout the day as they visit your clients? Consider all these.


All these features may seem shiny and bright, but you will still have to consider your budget as well. How many employees does your business employ? How many employees frequently travel needing more data? How many need better data security? With these questions, you can allocate the necessary funds.

Although the price will be secondary as you choose the most suitable mobile plans for your company, it is still a valuable factor.

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