Learn some cool lightning installation tips for 2020


Whether you are building a new home or renovating an old one you need Lightning Tips, there’s always one thing that holds your family with full brightness and we are talking about lights. Whether you need them for certain occasions or it’s just to prevent the darkness, lights have been the source of joy in both the case.

In this post, we will be talking about how you can install various lights in 2020. A lot of you must be thinking, does lighting installation tips changes every year! Yes! Indeed. Just like the changing seasons, lighting tips do change. Installing the lights are pretty easy but sometimes you need to have expert help for the lighting installation London only if you need professional work in and out of your home.

Before installing lights, a lot of you must be pondering over the transformers. We don’t live in a place where we all have to be set in the same exact time (where the sun rises at the same time everywhere). A transformer has a photocell light sensor that can detect the changing time and will help in turning the outdoor lights on when it senses dusk. This way, you don’t have to adjust the lights all the time as per the circadian rhythm.

The most common question that people ask is, how do I select my transformer, how do I know if my transformer is big enough or what size transformer do I need to run my lights.

Learn some cool lightning installation tips for 2020

Let’s start with the basics!

Selecting the low voltage landscape lighting transformer

Basically what you do is every light that you buy it’s going to have a wattage whether it’s two-and-half watts or four-and-half watts. All you have to do is to add that wattage up. When you have to decide on which size would be perfect for you, always keep in mind to size it twenty percent bigger than what you actually need. So if we need 20 watts, you have to at least begin with a 25 watts transformer or more.

Installing low voltage landscape lighting

One thing in determining the lights is just going around and seeing what’s going to look nice. There are three ways to do that, one is with a flashlight at night (shining lights on a couple of areas to see what looks good) and another way is the battery-operated packs that you can hook the actual fixture that you are using into and then you can go around and see how the lights going on.

Let’s have a look at the four different types of lighting styles.

  • Inground lights
  • Accent lighting
  • Wash lights
  • Hanging lights

The Lighting Installation Tips can be simply performed by you but keep this in mind that before handling any electrical work, you must switch off the power for better safety. Put the lights where you think you want them and just have them set so that you can go around and then wire everything.

Introducing with some of the common lights

Wash lights are good for highlighting rockwork or stone works. It helps to cast some shadows off of that so basically wash lights are very similar to that of accent light. The only difference is that the wash lights have a wider beam angle usually around 120 degrees. It also softens the light because of the filter it has.

90% of the landscape lighting jobs is to light up the trunk in the base of the tree and get the light up into the foliage. If you have an older landscape lighting system, maybe it’s a halogen system that the lights just don’t work anymore, generally, these are pretty easy to go and retrofit into LED. they all come apart differently but usually, there’s a bulb in there that will pull out of a socket and you will get a good outdoor-rated LED bulb. It is very easy to handle as you can pop that right into the socket and retrofit your existing system to LED that easily.

Hanging bulbs sit on the tree and shine down on the foliage, on the ground cover as well as on the trunk to give us a few different lighting techniques.

Installing lights

As we have talked about the transformers, they act just like our brains. After you have placed your lights and you know what kind of lights you are going to use, the next step should be to decide what size of transformer you need. A simple way to do this and if you are using a good quality light when you buy, it’ll usually tell you how many watts that fixture is actually going to produce.

Here’s a small tip: you must add up the wattage of all your lighting fixtures to determine the size of the transformer.

Make sure you have sized your transformer just slightly bigger than the watts as mentioned on lights. The better quality lights you have, the less you are going to oversize your transformer. If you are using a really cheap light or a low-quality light, you probably want to give yourself a little bit more room because the lights can actually use more power.

The lighting tips for 2020

Taking the lighting tips on the next level, you will get to see Wi-Fi connectivity. A device called an outdoor wifi timer that is used with the transformers. These are also used for Christmas lights for holiday lighting. All you have to do is to plug it into the GFCI receptacle and then plug the transformer directly into that. This way you can run all the lights from a mobile app depending upon the brand you are using. It will give you flexibility and it’s a cool way to add wifi to your system.

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