King of Cost-effectiveness: HONOR Magicbook 14

King of Cost-effectiveness: HONOR Magicbook 14

HUAWEI has launched the MateBook D 14 laptop. This laptop has left a good impression on many consumers. What about the HUAWEI HONOR MagicBook 14?

The only difference between the two laptops is the storage capacity of the SSD. But in return, the lower-priced SSD even provides brighter panels and faster Samsung NVMe-SSD. Apart from the chassis color, the two devices are the same in other aspects, from good metal casing, ports, input devices to performance.

HONOR uses the chassis of the HUAWEI MateBook D14 for the chassis of the magic book 14. There is a HUAWEI sticker at the bottom. The only difference is the design. Magicbook 14 does not have a dark gray chassis, but a silver shell (mysterious silver). There is a light blue HONOR logo with colored edges around the lid. In fact, magic book 14 looks brighter. In terms of chassis quality, this 14-inch laptop can catch up with other more expensive devices.

The 14-inch matte IPS screen has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. The picture effect is very good and it will not be too rough on bright surfaces. But these colors are not as rich as most smooth screens. Compared with MateBook d14, our test unit is equipped with different panels. The BOE panel in magicook 14 is brighter at 300 cd/m ². The black value is very low, 0.18, which makes the contrast exceed 1700: 1. The brightness distribution is very uniform (92%). Considering the price factor, there is nothing to criticize the screen.

In addition, if you are sensitive to PWM flicker, you would better to test the equipment first. When the brightness is 99% or lower, we can detect a flicker of 5952 Hz. But this frequency is quite high, so most users should not have any problems. Backlight flow is not a big problem either. You can only see brighter points in the lower-left corner and bottom edge of a dark picture, which has no effect on daily work.

King of Cost-effectiveness: HONOR Magicbook 14

Color accuracy is another topic. Considering its price, don’t have too high a requirement for screen color. The sRGB color gamut coverage rate is 65.8%, which is sufficient to meet the needs of ordinary daily work.

There is no criticism on the viewing angle stability of the IPS panel. Matte screen surfaces are helpful for outdoor activities. But in bright environments, background lighting may be more powerful. You would better choose a cool place to get a more comfortable viewing experience.

On the whole, HUAWEI HONOR MagicBook 14 exceeds people’s expectations for laptops within this price range. It can compare with other laptops with similar performance at higher prices.

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