How To Join a Random Blooket Game

How to join a random blooket game

Blooket Game: If you are willing to dive into a captivating universe of the Blooket games, then you have landed at the right place. Here, we will explore an amazing and unique method for joining a random Blooket game.

Overview – Unveiling the world of Blooket games

Imagine – a virtual arcade filled with multiple games waiting for you to step in and become a fantastic player. However, how do you get in the action? Worry not; we will spill the beans on multiple methods to join Blooket games. So, fasten the seatbelt as your gaming journey begins now.

Section 1 – The classic route – Joining public games

Let’s begin with the classic. Public games are the soul and heart of Blooket, offering a simple yet engaging method to jump in the excitement.

Steps 1 – Navigating to the game page

Imagine walking to the bustling arcade – this is what the games page is! After this, click on games, and you are greeted with a treasure trove of choices.

Step 2 – Choosing your game

Imagine it as selecting a ride at an amusement park. Scroll through the games, read their descriptions, and pick one that tickles your fancy. Click on it, and Aah! You are in!

Section 2 – A Golden Ticket – Joining Private Games

Private games? It is like an exclusive party where you will get a VIP guest! Let’s check out the personalized way of joining Blooket games.

Step 3 – Getting the invitation

Imagine you getting the envelope with an exclusive invitation- this will be your golden ticket to the private game! Game hosts will also share the invitation code with you. You need to click on ‘join game’ and enter the code you are in the club.

Section 3 – The secret code – Joining specific games

Game codes are the secret passageways for specific games, adding a dash of intrigue to the journey of Blooket.

Step 4 – Unveiling the code

Imagine deciphering a secret message – that is what game codes are made of! If someone shares the game code with you, you need to enter it, and like magic, you will be transported to the game you have been looking for.  

Section 4 – The element of surprise – Joining random games

Ready for immediate adventure? Random games are the ticket for your unexpected thrill of the unknown.

Step 5 – Embrace the surprise

Think of it like spinning a wheel of carnival. Click on the ‘join random game’, and within moments, you are whisked away to the games fate chooses. It is like a lucky dip – who will know what you will get?

Section 5 – Stepping into themed worlds – joining Blooket events

Hold on to your hats, as events are where the excitement gets dialled up to 11! You should prepare for a themed experience as thrilling as a roller coaster ride.

Step 6 – Immersing in the event of Glory

Imagine yourself stepping in a fairground transformation by a theme – that is a Blooket event for you! Click on the ‘events’, select the event that calls your name, and then brace yourself for unique rewards and challenges.

How you can join a Blooket game?

Let’s check out the process of joining a live game of Blooket.

  • Open your preferred web browser(Chrome).
  • Now, visit the site.
  • After this, look for the ‘join a game‘ icon, which is located near the top left side of the screen, i.e. next to the Blooket logo.
    How to join a random blooket game
  • Now click on the button to access the join page of Blooket.
  • After this, copy and paste the desired Blooket game ID.
  • Now login with the help of your Google account credentials.
  • Check out the game’s rules, and your exciting journey will begin.


There you have it – a journey via the diverse methods of joining Blooket games. Whether you are looking themed, spontaneous, exclusivity or classic adventure, Blooket join game has got you covered. Whatever path you choose in Blooket is going to be the game you will play. So, it is better to know the complete details of the game before choosing it. Remember, there are so many games to choose from, so you can play multiple games, but one at a time.

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