Advantages of Installing a Whole House Water Filtration System

Advantages of Installing a Whole House Water Filtration System

The requirement for pure water has become a pressing demand in the 21st century as humankind depends on water to fulfil their day-to-day activities like cooking, cleaning and drinking. The situation has propelled the need for more efficient filtration systems that can answer all household water demands.

In contrast, traditional POU filters rely on a single apparatus like a faucet for filtration; POE systems filter all the home appliances that use water in the most effective manner. Thus, a whole house water filtration system offers a safe, easy, and reasonable solution to ensure that one’s house has clean water to fulfil all their water needs. They can effectively get rid of bacteria, harmful impurities and particles and thereby optimise the odour, taste and quality of water.

Here are some advantages of installing a whole house water filtration system.

Clean Drinking Water

Even water that comes from a treatment plant contains harmful and toxic substances such as lead and chlorine. It is a known fact that tap water in most of the cities in Australia is contaminated. Statistical data prove that there has been a significant rise in the use of filters in Australian households after 2001. Especially since we are living in the pandemic era, it is essential to stay hydrated. Doctors advise that a person needs to drink at least 3 litres of clean drinking water a day to remain healthy. Since the human body is primarily made up of water, people must consume pure and uncontaminated water.

Ensures the Longevity of Home Appliances:

Contaminated water contains microscopic substances that can affect the longevity of household appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, heater etc. Also, there are visible granules in unclean water that can stick to the internal surface of these appliances. The accumulation of these particles can block the proper flow of water over time. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the water used in the household is free from all forms of contaminants. This would also reduce the cost of maintenance of these appliances.

Iron and Manganese Removal:

Accumulation of Iron and Manganese can lead to severe problems. Excessive presence of these substances in the water would leave stains on toilets, sinks, tubs, etc. The worst part is that the stain can ruin the clothes when put into the washing machine. Certain bacteria flourish in Iron-rich water, and their growth can ultimately block the plumbing pipes. A whole house filtration system can only effectively remove the deposits of Iron and manganese in the water.

Environment Friendly:

People tend to go after bottled mineral water thinking that they are benefiting their health through this. This costs much more than installing a filtration system at home in the longer run. Moreover, plastic bottles pose an enormous threat to Mother Nature – once they end up in the soil, it takes many years to break down and decompose.

Additionally, plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals that could mix up with the water they contain and put the consumer’s health at risk. Mineral water bottles are one of the major items that are littered also. It is better to install a home filtration system to get rid of such issues. These systems give pure water but do not compromise our environment’s safety.

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