How to Improve your Mile Time

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Generally, a non-competitive runner in good shape can complete one mile in 9 to 10 minutes. This Mile time is around 12 to 15 minutes for the beginners and 4 to 5 minutes for elite runners. If you are a fitness or running enthusiast or a sportsperson and are looking for some ways to improve your mile time, then congrats! You have reached the rightmost page.

Before we dive deep into the topic, let us make some things clear. While running, your feet require proper support, and it is highly crucial for you to wear running shoes. Apart from boosting your movement, the running shoes keep your feet in perfect shape. They prevent you from blisters and also aid in ankle and toes flexing while running. If you lack a good pair of sports shoes, shop for them from some sports’ brand such as Adidas. It offers an impeccable collection of high impact running shoes in various designs and colours. To make your online shoe shopping more compatible with your budget, you can opt for options such as Adidas promo code.

Now, let us move on!

Ways to Improve your Mile Time:

  • Build Endurance

This is one of the foremost requirements for boosting your mile time. For this, you have to run for longer distances. The best way to do so is to increase the distance gradually. If your current longest run is 2 to 3 miles, and you run for 10 miles in a week, then start by adding around 1 mile per week. Train such that your long run amounts to totals 7 to 8 miles. When you increase your mileage by 10 percent each week, you are building your endurance levels like a pro!

You can also opt for running one long run in one week. On the rest of the weekdays, you can run for shorter laps. This will significantly improve your cardiovascular and mental strength.

  • Go for High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity Interval Training or HIIT not only trains you for strenuous activities, but it also improves your speed and fitness. This also proves a fantastic training regime for the runners. This is because its intensity intervals help you boost the fitness levels and improve the 1-mile pace.

You can alternate between running hard for 200 meters or 400 meters after 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up sessions. Then go for a jogging or fast walking for the exact distance. Distance and speed repeats are also a great way to boost your intensity response. You can do this type of running on a marked track, a road, a treadmill and any other place of your choice.

  • Increase Stride Turnover

The hit rate of your feet on the pavement is termed as stride rate or stride turnover in athletics. If you can improve your stride turnover, you can take quicker and shorter steps. This way, your pace gets improved as well. Many coaches recommend hitting a stride rate of 180 strides (per minute). However, you should not get too much influenced by this as this rate is personalized as well.

To improve your stride rate, find your current turnover rate. Run at the 5K pace and count the times your right foot hits the pavement in one minute. Now, double this number to get your stride turnover rate. To improve your stride rate, you can run for intervals of one minute each. Now, try to increase your foot strike count by one in every next minute.

  • Hill Running

Practising hill repeats increases your strength and boost your running efficiency. This workout improves the lactate threshold of your body. The hill runs can be practised on an actual hill or on a treadmill. However, if you have never practised outside a gym, a treadmill is a better option. For this workout, you must start with a 10 to 15 minutes’ daily warm-up. While running up the hill, input a consistent effort. You need shoes that are specifically designed for such extreme sports. Check out the latest collection of Adidas and buy a reliable pair of shoes. To save on your shoe shopping, you can use smart discount options such as Adidas Promo Code. Once you recover, you can turn around and recover your breath while going down the hill. As you practice more and more, you will experience an improvement in fitness levels and strength.

  • Build Lean Muscle

Building lean muscle not only boosts your speed, but it also offers a lot of other benefits. For building lean muscle, you don’t have to lift too heavy weights or do very intense workouts at the gym. You can also do the bodyweight exercises that focus on the big muscles of your body. The lean muscles allow you to maximize your performance and also help you shed excess weight. This weight you shed will bring a permanent change in your body, and these kilos you shed will not come back if you take proper care of your body and routine.

  • Make sure that you rest well.

You must know that if you don’t take proper rest, your body will not recover. This will not only reduce your performance but can also result in serious issues. You can achieve the best training results only if you take proper rest and let your body recover. This will also help your broken muscle tissue to repair and reform.

We hope that all our readers find this information helpful in boosting their mile time. Share your experiences and reviews with us in the comment section after following these tips.

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