We all know that Magento is a powerful and much-preferred platform for eCommerce solutions. Then we hear of the extensions, like Magento 2 extensions, and wonder why we need them and isn’t Magento itself a powerful, fully-packed easy to use solution. Magento 2 is indeed introduced, keeping in mind the requirements of eCommerce stores. However, in the field of Information Technology, new inventions happen quite often. An eCommerce store sells different products and is not limited to one enterprise.

Every eCommerce store has a unique requirement for their business. Magento can’t incorporate all elements in the software as one feature important for a store may be of no use to another. It would create a lot of complications.

Therefore, the Magento solution developers or extension developers create special codes known as ‘Extensions’, on understanding the requirements of the eCommerce stores. The stores can install these extensions as per their requirements to upgrade the Magento 2 store. There are thousands of Magento 2 extensions available, and the concerned store fits the important ones. These extensions will surely improve sales, user experience, and customer satisfaction.

Buying a Magento extension for your eCommerce business solution can be a task. We will discuss here some points to remember when choosing your extensions:

Know your exact requirement

Magento 2 extensions are extremely helpful in enhancing the performance of your website and running your business even smoother. There are numerous extensions available like Ajax Add-to-Cart, Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field extensions, Auto Cancel Order, Customers Also viewed, and Also Bought, Add Multiple Products to Cart, etc. Having said that, it is extremely important you understand the exact purpose of buying and installing the Magento 2 extensions – as it comes with a cost. At times, for the features you are trying to install you may have more than one extension – hence be wise and compare properly before choosing the apt extension.

Once you have decided on your extension as per your requirement, you can choose to install it, and if not, then you can check other extensions or contact a certified Magento Developer.

Look for Reviews

It is always helpful to read the reviews of the extensions that you are planning to buy. This way, you will get to know what other buyers think of the product. You can also check on the free support forums as well as consult other online users wherein you can inquire about various features, quality, customer policy, and many other improvements of the product. The reviews and ratings can be viewed on Google, Magento Connect, website, as well as social media platforms like YouTube, Linkedln, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Ask for Money-Back policy

It is essential to check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of a service provider before you buy a product be it Magento extension. Ask your extension provider on the Money-Back policy at least within 2 weeks from the purchase in case the product does not turn out the way it was promised or you are not satisfied with the product. A buyer always looks for quality and great features in an extension along with a money-back guarantee. So, if the service provider does not provide a guaranteed money return policy, it is not wise to buy the services; instead, you must search for another supplier.

Get in touch with the Service Provider

To understand the service provider better, it is a good idea to inquire with their support team, so you know how they respond to a query.

When you inquire with them, you will know as to how they deal with new customers and guide them to make a purchase decision or guide them over their concerns/doubts. Their approach to the reply to your query, whether they are only replying for the sake of it or they help understand your requirement, will guide you to take a call on finalizing the service provider.

Find out the History of Service Providers

It is crucial to know the history of the service provider of your extension provider and, therefore:

i) know their products

ii) how long they have been in the trade

iii) who all are their customers

iv) Number of projects they have accomplished

v) how well are they rated in the category

Many Magento extension providers are offering free and paid extensions, so you must check the genuineness of the service provider. Above mentioned data can be searched on the website and other social media platforms, including the company history, product reviews, contact details, customers, etc.

Research about other Copy Providers

It is for sure that anybody would buy a cost-effective extension only as per their requirement and purpose. At times while buying online people may prefer not to check all the details and specifications to opt for the lesser-priced extension/products. But we need to keep in mind to check all important aspects of buying an extension like coding, quality, usability, product reviews, upgrade policy, period, refund period, support services, etc. Hence, one must be vigilant and aware to avoid buying these Magento 2 extensions for your eCommerce store from copy providers at less cost. We recommend you buy these extensions from the leading Magento development companies only.

Try-out the extension

Practically personally checking and experiencing all characteristics of extensions is very necessary before making the final purchase decision. Taking a demo, using the extensions for a few days both backend and frontend, design, functioning, configuration and customization, etc must be checked thoroughly. Try to work on the demos with the extension and search in-depth before purchasing the extensions.

Upgrade Policy

One unmissable tip will be to check the ‘changelog’ wherein the latest upgrade in terms of coding, quality, bug fixes, additional features, security patches, frontend & backend designs, etc. have been updated. Based on the industry and customer requirements check if the changes are in tune with the latest Magento version and curated as per your demand.

To conclude, try to consult on Magento developers who can assist well depending upon your business needs and follow the above-mentioned tricks before finalizing your Magento 2 extensions.

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