Among all multi-wire connectors, the spade crimp ones are quite convenient when you need to connect a wire to a screw, for instance. The latter can be partially screwed, which is comfortable in installation. The crimp type means these electrical multi connectors need to be crimped to be connected to a wire. This is one of the most easy-to-use ways to connect wires to one another or to other elements.

Before learning about the use of electrical multi connectors, it’s useful to find a shop where you can get the highest quality of those. If you’re interested in a wide range of wire connectors and tools, offers all of that in the best quality and at reasonable prices.

While it might seem clear how to use a spade (fork) connector, it’s still better to follow a step-by-step to make sure you do everything properly.

Types of Spade Connectors

With the right wire crimping tools, spade connectors can become a real saver if you need to connect wires in a car. This is the most commonly used type of terminal in the automotive industry.

There are three types of spade cable connectors:

  • Male (blade).
    These are used to connect to the female spades, replace plugs in a pinch, or attach to T-taps.

  • Female (socket).
    These are mostly used when you need to connect cables to other components or the application and to the male spades.

  • Fork.
    These are a regular type used to attach wires to other components of the application. You can replace them with ring terminals or vice versa. This type is easier to install than a ring terminal, though.

All of these can be used in your auto for connecting multiple wires.

Use of Spade Connectors

Here we’re talking about a regular fork-type connector. Here’s how to install it:

  1. Strip the electrical wire ends and make sure there’s enough naked space to install a terminal;

  2. Twist the copper wires inside together;

  3. Place the wire inside the connector, making sure the metal parts make a connection;

  4. Check if you have a wire of the same gauge as the connector, as well as if the crimp tool of yours has the necessary size to create a tight crimp;

  5. Crimp the wire and the connector together;

  6. Tug on the wire a bit to see if the crimp is tight enough;

  7. If it’s a heat shrink, waterproof insulation, apply heat using a mini blow torch or another appliance;

  8. Check if the coat is even.

WirefyShop can offer you a wide range of space connectors and the best crimping tools to work with them.

Make sure you choose the correct type of connectors (spade, butt splice, 2-pin, T-tap, plug, ring, etc.) to accommodate your needs. Picking the needed size and type will help you make any electrical application easy to install and use. And don’t forget that a balance of high quality and reasonable price, like at WirefyShop, is the best choice!

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