How to Test Salesforce Application Faster ?

 How to Test Salesforce Application Faster ?

 How to Test Salesforce Application Faster ?

Salesforce is the world’s most popular CRM, consisting of more than 150K users worldwide. Inorder to cater to their customer requirements, Salesforce comes up with seasonal releases i.e summer/winter/spring plus the vocational patches. Hence, as the frequent updates comes up with tons of complications and inorder to ensure that these updates do not have an impact on the existing features, testing is a must! As the updates happen more frequently, enterprises need to make sure that testing happens on time! Hence enterprises are constantly working on accelerating the speed of testing this cloud based CRM.

So, in this blog let’s dive into some practical examples to accelerate the speed of salesforce testing

Automating Salesforce testing : As we know that manual testing consumes a lot of time, effort and cost, without desired output, automating salesforce testing is the only alternative to fill the gap. Automation testing for salesforce not only save time, money and effort but also improves the productivity of the resources, impacting the overall efficiency of the application’s performance.

Agile and DevOps: As salesforce comes up with frequent releases and patches, leading enterprises have no time to give testing an afterthougt and rather focus of continuous delivery from production through deployment. Hence enterprises want to successfully implement  technologies like continuous testing which helps in accelerating the speed of testing and also improves its quality.

Self Healing Testing Scripts: Choose a salesforce application tool that minimises your test maintenace burden. When automation script breaks due to a change on the Name, ID, Xpath etc, then self healing text scripts automatically fix these broken test cases, saving thousand of manual tetsing hours.

Smart Object Recognition: As dynamic objects are the biggest bottleneck in salesfoce testing, choose a test automation tool that leverages artificial intelligence and optical character recognition techniques to automatically recognize the objects instead of manually identifying the objects. AI-based object recognition and object interaction allow a single script to run on both Lightning and Classic versions of Salesforce.

No-code Automation testing: No-code automation testing will help any non technical professional to get started with automation testing, thus increasing the productivity and bridges the gap between the non-technical and technical resources. In no-code testing, you can dig hundreds of test logs in minutes. This will help in identifying the issues very early on in the lifecycle and improve performance of the application.


As Salesforce is one of the most popular cloud based CRM, coming up with frequent updates and feature releases, testing must be accelerated to ensure fast delivery of integrated and updated features. Hence choose a test automation tool having multiple advanced technologies like AI, impact analysis, self healing etc to minimise the time and effort required in testing. One such tool is Opkey, a nocode test automation tool, consisting of multiple advanced features to makes your salesforce testing journey a cinch! Do check this highly reliable and robust tool for enterprise packaged application testing.

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