How To Stop Redirects On Android

How To Stop Redirects On Android

Smartphones are an easy way to browse the internet. In the internet suffering, we have pop-ups and redirects on the android that will let will download malware. Here we stop the redirects and pop-ups on the android. Smartphone comes handy and experiences in the website. Smartphones are increasing in the world with more features and good experiences in hand. Smartphones are the best way to browse the internet in the world. According to Google, internet usage is very high in smartphones than desktop.

Smartphones are very quickly compatible in pockets and great features in the single device. Smartphones are having vast features and great experiences in it. Smartphones come with so many applications built in them. Mobile phones are giving a choice to download apps from the internet, and Smartphones have browser applications to suffer the internet. Smartphones are coming in various devices like android and IOS. Security has a major problem in the devices while suffering the internet and leads you to download malware into the phone.

We are here to give simple steps to stop redirects and pop-ups on the android. Secure the device from redirects while suffering the internet and protect ourselves from the ad traps.

Step 1: Change The Chrome Settings On The Android

In the android phone, we have the browser named Google chrome. Browser is straightforward to use and suffer the internet on the phone. It is compatible with the user in the phone and syncs the settings, bookmarks, history from the pc.

You need to change the settings from the chrome in the android. By these few changes in the google chrome, you can stop the redirects and pop-ups in the android. Follow these steps to change the settings in the android.

  • Open the android screen lock with the user password. You can download number applications on the android phone. Open the browser chrome on the android mobile device.

Change The Chrome Settings On The Android

  • In the google chrome, top right-side corner, you can see the three dots on the top of the menu. Click on the three dots that give you to choose the settings on that option.

Change The Chrome Settings On The Android

  • Choose Settings on the menu. Go for the site settings in the settings menu.
  • Here you can see the pop-ups options to click for enabling/disable in the settings. Tap on the block the pop-ups by tapping and disable the pop-ups on the Slider in the android.

Change The Chrome Settings On The Android

Here you can turn settings same for the remaining browser in the android. There are similar apps like Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Brave.

Step 2: Uninstall Apps You Get More Pop-Ups

You might have installed the apps from the play store or unknown resources. Check the apps before you installing apps from the play store or undiscovered resources. I know you enjoy the apps, but you are not able to stop redirects and pop-ups in the application. When you’re are not able to disable pop-ups and redirects, uninstall the apps.

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Uninstall the poor reviews in the play store if you don’t know which app gives you more redirects and pop-ups, then uninstall all the apps from the smartphone. Check the application ratings, reviews, size, and updated version from the play store.

Step 3: Check For The Notifications

In the android phone, we have the notification bar to enable settings in a natural way, app notifications to access naturally from the bar. Application required permission from the user and the user never thinks permissions while accepting them.

Sometimes you might not know what apps are running in the background. Check while accepting the permission for every application and uninstall the pop-ups and redirected permission apps on the smartphone.

Step 4: Scan Android Phone For Malicious Apps, Software And Bugs

Make your sure perform the scan the phone by using the anti-virus apps to remove pop-up ads and redirects from the Android Device. Look for the malicious apps and software in the android phone, and the android play store generally looks for the unauthorized apps on the phone. You need to perform the manual scan by using the authorized apps from the play store.

Malicious software in the smartphone apps, you may also find legitimate apps in order in the play store. Sometimes you need to update to apps to keep protected from the malware apps. Some several tactics and tricks are played by advertising companies from the aggressive each day. They add more features to their apps to give more interest to the user. These are pop-ups ads and redirect to bring the personal data, access your phone through mobile data.

Step 5: Play The Games The Android Games In Offline Mode Only

When the Android device is connected to the internet or online. Your games give you more ads than offline. Games are taken more permission to show the advertisements while in play, pause, buy coins when failed, disturbed from the internet our data.

Play The Games The Android Games In Offline Mode Only

These are steps to stop pop-ups ads and redirects in the android. These are the best ways to stop the pop-ups along with redirect to download the malware from the internet. Use authorized apps and check app reviews, ratings, and size in the play store. Use the secured network when the access bank accounts and access the authorized websites in them.

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