4 Best Ways On How To Clean Your Cushion Seats That Are Not Machine Washable

4 Best Ways On How To Clean Your Cushion Seats That Are Not Machine Washable

Seat cushions are important in your daily life because of their numerous benefits to your health. However, the most challenging part about your cushion seats is washing them especially those that are non-machine washable.

The cushions tend to accumulate dust and dirt over time which calls for cleaning to restore their clean and great look. But if you wash or clean your cushions the wrong way then you are likely to affect their designs, looks, and material which affect their durability.

Here are 4 best ways on how to clean your seat cushions that are not machine washable;

1. Dust Off The Pet Dander and Dirt

If you have pets at home then there are high chances of accumulation of pet dander on your seat cushions. There’s also an accumulation of dust from the atmosphere on your cushions over time. So the best way to clean it off is by using a vacuum.

You have to use a vacuum that has an attached upholstery brush because it helps in loosening the debris clinging to your cushion. More so, the brush has to be small with nonabrasive bristles like a toothbrush that won’t damage the cushion.

You can also remove pet hair by wearing gloves in your hand and wipe the cushion using the hand. This is because the gloves gather the pet hair and lift it from the cushion fabric.

2. Maintain Spills And Spots

Spills normally happen even if you are careful but you have to ensure that you blot any spilled liquid on your seat cushion to stop it from soaking deep into the cushion textile. Or prevent the spilled liquid from rolling to other areas of the cushion.

Wondering how to do it? You can use clean soft cloths or paper towels to blot the liquid. But for food spills, you can use paper towels to clean off the food substance as much as possible and then blot the spot later.

You can also use dish soap or vinegar to clean off the stains left by the spills.

3. A Thorough Clean

You can give your seat cushions a thorough clean especially if you use them frequently and get them dirty regularly Or if you haven’t cleaned them in a long time period. You can use laundry soap or liquid dish soap to create your cushion cleaner.

Mix the soap with water and create a foam and then apply the suds to the cushion surface but not the water. Then rub the suds on the cushion textile lightly with the help of a soft-bristled brush. You can then scoop the suds away using a rubber scraper.

Finally wipe your cushion with a damp, clean and soft cloth and leave it to air dry. Put the cushion back on your chair after it completely drys.

4. Remove Any Odor

Your seat cushions may accumulate some bad odor over time and to get rid of it, you have to fresh your cushion. You can sprinkle baking soda on it and then vacuum it away. If the odor remains then apply again baking soda and put the cushion outdoors for some hours.

A light sprinkle of vinegar on your seat cushions can also help to get rid of the odor.

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