How Tech is Changing Logistics

How Tech is Changing Logistics

Technology has had huge impact on all of the business sectors in our economy and continues to be at the forefront of all the most pertinent changes in in the logistics and transport sector. This article will elaborate as to how technology is changing this sector.

The Cloud

Cloud computing allows for the remote hosting of data and services. This allows for the real time access and analysis of logistics intelligence and operations software from wherever you are. The pay as you go nature of this computing, means that for logistics providers it’s a cost-effective way of accessing the latest logistic software. Access to the cloud is the basis of many of the other technological improvements and as such can be regarded as the most important aspect of modern logistics. The internet connectivity that this requires and accessibility that the cloud provides must form the basis of any professional logistics or transport operation.

Integrated Applications

The cloud furthermore allows for entire supply chains (from warehousing, and production to distribution) to now be integrated in real time. The use of the same applications for booking, planning and ordering a transport service means that you can now find an electronic load board that has the latest jobs. This has made for an increasingly streamlined and seamless logistics process with load tracking and delivery monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence

The best optimization of route planning that there is can be done using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using big data and modern computing logistics firms will be able to make much more precise predictions as to traffic densities and delivery times. This makes for more accurate system and happier customers and clients.

Self-driving vehicles and drones

These automated delivery vehicles have become the norm in certain places. The use of self-driving and automated loading and handling machinery in warehousing, off-loading and storage has become commonplace in the industry. There has also been movement towards automated or drone last leg delivery and it is this is providing for disruption in the industry at the present time.

Internet of Things

Although this is not new technology in the logistics sector and has been used for tracking and monitoring of goods and communication while in transit. The internet of things has grown exponentially and now provides for more linkages, more tracking opportunities and an improved means to transmit and share information as to the logistics process.

Technology is always being improved and as modern logistics is the backbone of the global economy, it is a sector that has and will continue to be the proving ground for as much of this technology as is possible. Whether you are in the supply chain, in logistics itself or simply an online ecommerce business knowing the critical technology aspects that you need to have to stay abreast of the competition and able to interact with your business stakeholders and partners will be the make-or-break factor. This article has provided you with some of the available research in this regard as valuable insights into technology and logistics.

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