Honor 20 Pro Supports Your Photography and Videography Projects

Honor 20 Pro Supports Your Photography and Videography Projects

You may want to have a phone that is also suitable for photography and videography. If it is so, Honor 20 Pro is the answer. You need to know the specification of this phone first to know how impressive it is. The most important thing is that you know that this phone can support your photography and videography projects. Please check the user reviews about HONOR 20 pro and read the details below to get a wider point of view.

Four Cameras 

Instead of using one or two cameras, Honor applies 4 cameras in Honor 20 Pro. The cameras help you to produce high-quality photos or videos like a pro, including macro, telephoto, standard, super wide-angle photos. The resolution of each camera is also impressive enough to support your photography. You are about to have a phone with a 16MP super wide-angle, 48 MP standard, 8 MP telephoto, and 2MP macro cameras.

The Use of Kirin Chipset 

Honor not only applies cameras with good quality resolutions but also with a high-quality chipset. The chipset by Kirin is an Artificial Intelligent technology. It makes the pictures look outstanding by capturing every detail. You will have sharper, clear, and brighter photos that you take only from a phone.

Impressive Main Wide Angle Camera 

You are not only using a 48MP camera when you take a picture by using Honor 20 Pro. This camera also uses a proper wide-angle lens to make the object fit into the frame. At the same, this feature expands the shooting scenes. You can use the 3x optical zoom if you want to capture specific detail in an object. This phone is also suitable for those who love to take close up photos. Honor 20 Pro helps you to do it from 4 centimeters away with the macro lens.

Stable Camera 

Another great thing about using this phone camera is its impressive Optical Image Stabilization or OIS. This feature is compatible with the AI chipset for the main camera and telephoto camera. The function is to keep the camera stable. As a result, you can create perfect photos without blur. This feature is also useful in the low-light areas in which it keeps the photos clear and sharp. The AIS algorithm also supports the camera to produce clear photos even at night or in low-light areas.

Bigger Digital Zoom 

Imagine that you have a phone that has up to 30x digital zoom. This feature helps to make a faraway image closer. You can even shoot on the moon and get an outstanding result. The result looks amazing also because of the high-tech sensor. It helps you to capture specific hard to do photoshoots easier without using too many sophisticated tools.

Impressive Slow Motion Video

Honor 20 Pro is not only impressive for producing photos but also videos. You can even create a slow-motion video for up to 960 frames per second in great quality. This feature makes you get the detail after shooting the moving object slowly.

Impressive Selfie Camera 

The camera on this phone is not only for taking other objects but also selfies. You can take a picture of yourself through an AI selfie camera. Indeed, the result is also impressive.

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