Healthy Pets Make The Best Friends

Healthy Pets Make The Best Friends

Healthy Pets Make The Best Friends

Children that grow up in homes with pets have shown, according to statistics, to have a higher level of natural compassion. It could be that they were taught from such a young age to care for something smaller and somewhat more fragile than themselves (although puppies can certainly give as much as they get) and thus learn how to be patient.

A pet can bring more than just love and cuddles to a family dynamic and often teach valuable life lessons without us even realizing it is happening. A child understands from an early age how to look after and protect animals, the fact that responsibilities don’t stop simply because we don’t feel like it or we are not in the mood, and to also teach discipline.

Who knew that even though the wet kisses and snoring in our necks are priceless moments, but that the bond children and pets create is something you cannot teach or experience unless it is done first hand. And for this element alone a pet is a great component in a home with kids.


If you have children and a pet then you will know the hours they can spend rolling and wrestling around on the grass, laughing, licking, and getting grass stains on everything. And as the kids get older they essentially get stronger and fitter, and for a period so do our pets, and as they transition from one age to the next so should their diets.

They will need more fuel and sustenance to keep up with their rumble and tumble sessions, added proteins to feed and build muscles that are exhausted each time, and minerals and vitamins to keep the immune system strong and the body healthy.

Changes to your pet’s diet can be done easily and with minimal digestive issues when done gradually and with ideally organic and natural ingredients and products. The fewer, if any, chemicals in the food sources the better, and if you can find an organic product that is simple and easy to implement into the existing meal plan (with some tweaks here and there) then your dog will be all the better for it.

Looking to make a change is not as daunting as it may seem, finding the right company such as Holistapet is easy when you know what to look for and don’t compromise quality for quantity. Too often we get drawn into deals and clever advertising claiming bulk orders for a great price and you end up with a stockpile of food that is the furthest thing from a quality grade product or has half the nutritional value that you need for your pet.

Then you end up giving more than the recommended amount of food in the hopes they will get more minerals and vitamins which is not the case, instead, you end up with a pup that is overweight and if not caught in time could end up with serious health and heart conditions. It is not fair to them and taking your time to research carefully and read packaging labels can prevent all this.

Healthy Pets Make The Best Friends

Why a healthy pet is good for kids?

Keeping your dog in good physical shape is just as important as their diet. Sure the nutritional aspect of things is vital to give them the life longevity they deserve, and with an organic menu on the cards, this is easily achievable. Not only can the kids get involved in preparing the food but they will see first-hand the benefits a good food source can offer an animal.

Being involved in the process you can explain that home-grown or organic foods free from chemicals keep the dog safe and prevent future health issues from unknown negative side-effects that pesticides or toxins can have.

There are many reasons why health and diet go hand in hand with pets and children, see here for an interesting read on the topic, but let’s take a quick look at the most popular reasons commented on by pet owners.

  • Anxiety. This, with depression, is far more common in the younger generation than we may realize. They often feel misunderstood or misheard and an animal will essentially listen without judgment and which is why kids are more than we know found curled up on the bed or floor with their furry friend. They can relax and be themselves.
  • Life lessons. It can be tricky trying to navigate more heartbreaking or tough situations in life and as your dog may go through some of these such as illness or even death it can be a good teaching moment.

 You could explain why things happen, how they happen, and knowing their four-legged companion is free from suffering and in a better place helps them process the event that much easier. They can then feel open to asking questions about this and other topics they feel hurt by or interested in.

  • Bond. Not only do the children bond with the dog but it brings the whole family together and you can enjoy quality time as a family playing games, pup included. See this link for some great examples of games to try over the weekend and you’ll be laughing and having fun in no time.

Irrespective of your family setup and dynamic it is always great to add a furry family member to the annual Christmas card photo and family tree.

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