Tools For Your Needs: GogoPDF Features You Need to Use

Tools For Your Needs: GogoPDF Features You Need to Use

This year, most of us are using PDF files to receive or send essential files. This file format is necessary because it can easily protect sensitive data and convert it to other file formats. If you wish to add watermark, transform, or add passwords to your PDFs, this article will give you the details.

Tools For Your Needs: GogoPDF Features You Need to Use

Add Watermark

The add watermark to PDF online function from GogoPDF is a helpful tool if you want to quickly add text or image as your watermark to a PDF. The process is pretty straightforward, and even someone who doesn’t often use the tool can perform it. Claim what’s your and don’t let others steal your work. Start using it now and follow the simple process below:

  1. Choose any PDF file from your PC or drag it into the website’s conversion box.
  2. Try adding the watermark that you want and choose its position.
  3. The process will be done soon.
  4. Download the watermarked file down or email it to others.

PDF to Excel

Anyone who will use the PDF to Excel converter of GogoPDF will feel delighted because creating a spreadsheet from your PDF file will become effortless and so quick. Most people prefer PDF as their file format simply because it is easier to share and view. The format is also available in any operating system, so it’s very accessible. However, when your spreadsheet is on PDF, and you wish to edit or change the spreadsheet’s content, it’ll be quite a problem.

When saving XLS and XLSX files in a PDF format, it will be impossible to edit them since they will be saved as an image form. It’s an inconvenience for many people, especially those who lack the right software and are too busy and always in a hurry.

You can now wave goodbye to the data entry job of formatting cells and inputting numbers which are time and energy-consuming because GogoPDF’s PDF to Excel converter is ready to help you convert your PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet in no time. The tool can do that without installation and any software.

This online tool will convert the PDF to Excel and retain the original formatting of the document. It will look exactly like the PDF file, but it is now in an Excel file format. Moreover, to proceed to the task, follow these four steps on how to convert PDF to Excel:

  • Get your file from your device and upload it to the site’s conversion box by clicking the “Select Files.”
  • The online converter tool will immediately begin the process.
  • Please wait for a little while for the process to complete.
  • Download right away the finished product; the system will delete it after an hour.

PDF Protect

You will never know when something is taken from you if you don’t have anything to protect your file. Luckily, a tool can encrypt a PDF file so that not everyone can access any of your essential files. You can’t deny that some people can now access all your data on your computer, phones, or any technical devices that a person has in a blink of an eye because of evolving technology. Thus encrypting a file or device has now become so crucial to prevent that kind of modus.

In a PDF file, you can only set a password into the file using a PDF managing tool. Good thing GogoPDF offers that kind of function, the Protect PDF tool. Using this web-based protector, you can put a password to your file, and you will now feel at ease since there’s no longer unauthorized individual can access your file easily, only the ones you gave your password with. Also, the system supports the 128-bit Advanced Encryption System that can’t be easily cracked even if attacked by brute force. To further know how to set encryption to your PDF files, you need to follow the guide below:

  1. Select the PDF file you want to encrypt. Drag and drop to the toolbox on the site.
  2. Make sure to carefully think about what password you want so that you’ll remember it instantly.
  3. You should meet the needed requirements for a better password, and it should have capitals, numerals, and symbols.
  4. The system will automatically process the PDF file. In a few minutes, your protected file is now available to download and share.

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GogoPDF is a relevant online software if you’re constantly handling multiple PDFs. Converting, compressing, adding watermark, splitting, merging, or repairing your PDFs will be easier with the help of this platform. Start managing your PDF documents now with the guidance of this free online software.

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